Wednesday, 18 February 2009


This is possibly the most expensive internet cafe on the planet, so will fly through some songs. These remixes of Michoacan turned my head a couple of months ago and to be perfectly honest I'm not 100% sure why. The Fabrizio Mammarella is definitely my favourite of the two, it's a bit more interesting and fun and there's a catchy bassline in there. The Emperor Machine one just drags out a bit and lacks flair. I probably just threw it in for the Emperor Machine value.. Hope you can forgive me if it's not the best thing you hear this week.

Michoacan - She's Sent (Emperor Machine Remix)

Michoacan - She's Sent (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)

Improving slightly, Dicky Trisco's edit of Zapped is at least a more interesting production. Still a bit bland.. My favourite of these four is Greg Wilson's 1gnition edit. Bassline is really hip and there are some nice blasts of horns and retro funk. If you're pushed for time too, just get this track. Another week in Brazil then home to spend a week punishing Beatport and record stores - expect lots of good music!

Phresh n Low - Zapped (Dicky Trisco Cosmic Edit)

1gnition - Secret Sunday Lover (Greg Wilson Edit)



justin reed said...

thanks again for the dope deepness...i appreciate all the left-field love!

Anonymous said...

the fabrizio and wilson tracks are only like 20 seconds long....FYI

Anonymous said...

gooood post

Unknown said...

hey Andy, great blog you have! already on my favs :)

Anonymous said...
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