Wednesday 18 November 2009

Under The Midnight Sun

'Allo cats and kittens. Just a friendly reminder that we're still looking for hip unsigned artists to get on board for our upcoming label. We've had a bunch of really interesting submissions - keep 'em coming! Anything with a dark/deep/disco vibe would be ideal. Shoot choons off to info(at)

Man, I'm getting lazier and more tired by the day. Here are a few songs to assist with melting into the couch this summer. Awesome groovy rolling bassy discofunk with minimal flair - just solid cool. This is a really cool release from Tyko Nordström, known here as For Disco DJs Only. And it's digital which should make you weird futuristic mp3 bandits happy.

For Disco DJs Only - Engelska (Tyko Nordstrom's Disco Dub) [buy]

This is also Tyko's doing I believe, released or distributed or somethinged by the magnifique Loft Records (which Tyko obviously has some level of involvement in. Total?) It's so simple and to the point and I love it so fiercely. The recording sounds like a really filthy rip which is doubled by the fact that the rip I did is far from clean, but I think it adds to the vintage analogue vibe of the track. Toasty warm.

Dub Version - Boogieasy (Unreleased Dub Version Re-Edit) [buy]

Greg Wilson's latest Credit to the Edit record is a total blinder, particularly this Escort track. I don't need to say much more, so I won't. Seriously worth getting your hands on this release, every track is pure gold.

Escort - Starlight (Greg Wilson Version) [buy]

Don't need to say much about SirBilly either. His legendary record collection and creative editing combine in a way that is easy to predict. This one is a good laff, ON AN UNRELATED NOTE FUCK I WOULD LIKE A JOINT RIGHT NOW.

Peter Tosh - Buk In Hamm Palace (SirBilly Edit)

Oh hey I got a Diana Mini yesterday, man it's a wonderful little toy! Any other lomographers about? Any tips? No doubt I'm going to be shoving this in everybody's face all summer long.


RPHN said...

Nice tracks! I got my Diana mini three weeks ago, and i love it. The only thing I miss is a flash, so you should only shoot in daylight. Good luck!

andy webb said...

the diana F+ flash fits the mini, they're a little expensive but it's available if you want it! can't wait to get my first roll developed.

RPHN said...

I just found out! But yeah, they're pretty expensive... Post some photos when you get your roll back :)

Anonymous said...

im writing in from Philadelphia....where there's a freeze comin in.

so i guess the downtempo disco which is great stuff is mellowing down an already cold n rainy week

Sector 7 said...

here you go bro
(passes joint)
have a bang on this little number...

mikkileela said...

haaa so nice you postet this!

A1 on

you probably already knoooooow

Patricia said...

That Peter Tosh track is awesome!

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