Wednesday 2 December 2009

Radio Shack

Oh boy, it's been an agonising week of having my net capped. Finally back in action...

I think I've forgotten how to blog. Let me see... This song by San Serac is really cool, I like it a lot. It is cute and funky and 80s-ish and stuff. It's from this groovy little release with a fab Morgan Geist remix. That is all.

San Serac - Night Works [buy]

OK I think i've got the hang of this now. The marvelous Rove Dogs has started this really hip edits little edits label, Small Time Cuts. Really digging this edit a big 80s Topo & Roby burner done by Get A Room! - a collaberation between Rove himself and Jeff Larson. Plenty of tasty reverb drenched powerdrums, grunty vocals and a nice thick bedding of deep analogue synth dickery. He's a man with a plan, really looking forward to seeing how this label pans out.

Get A Room! - Under the Vice [buy]

Mmm, all this 80s stuff is way too contemporary bro. Tirk have strangely, but welcomely, released a cool little remix EP of Space's first single Carry On, Turn Me On. The remixes mostly, like the original, have quite a light poppy air which isn't so common with most of the band's stuff that follwed, but it's certainly nice and refreshing. I reckon the AN-2 remix is the most interesting and offers the biggest change to the original, turning it into an tight and funky 11-minute low budget space odyssey - picture a charmingly crude papier-mâché star cruiser chilling in a plasticine galaxy. Soulful and adorable!

Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (AN-2 Remix) [buy]

Future Classic's delightful Après vinyl series is nearing release number four by Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov. Following a toy space gun shootout groove from Loin Brothers, a truly mixed bag of artists and [insert prefix]-house sounds on the second 12" and some indie influences from the likes of Sidwho? and Clubfeet more recently, Après 4 boasts a very fine simple-and-effective slow-mo synthy sorta house with some killer remixes from Downtown Party Network and 6th Borough. This remix is certainly not in any hurry to reach its destination - recommended lazy Sunday listening. Coming soon!

Mario Basanov - Do You Remember (6th Borough Vocal Mix)

Auckland cats - come to Cassette9 next Saturday (the 12th) as I'll be popping over to play a record or two and drink a beer or eighteen. Got some great records on the way so stay tuned!


paraplanradio said...

San Serac is amaizing

Unknown said...

Cassette is going to amazing!

Anonymous said...

Up the Bottin remix of Space

andy webb said...

i can't say it changed my life. i'm finding some of his recent remixes aren't really making the cut for me. i thought his latest in flagranti remix was a bit boring... he's got talent, i think he needs to be more ambitious.

Anonymous said...

Good Tech House Mixes. Thanks.

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