Thursday, 10 December 2009

International Mischief

Really excited about a bit of Auckland action this Saturday! All you lucky lucky Kiwis come to Cassette for Golden Age. BOOZY TIMES. Inspect the flyer. For those of you in Sydney, well by golly you're also in luck! Wunderparty Picnic hosts Darshan Jesrani, one half of the legendary Metro Area, this Friday night at GoodGod. OH BOY. Not much else needs to be said - a brave and beefy Funktion One sound system, spectacular music and a non-stick non-toxic dancefloor. Grab tickets to the gig here. Also check out Darshan's Red Bull Music Academy lecture - he's a clever cookie.

Metro Area - We Also Not [buy]

I have no explanation why the only In Flagranti releases from their entire catalogue that I didn't own until the other day were Sounds Superb Vols 3 and 4. Makes no sense. Thank god I came to my senses and picked them up at long last. This edit is fucking brilliant. No idea what the original is but it's piping hot. Super sleazy, somehow droopy yet tight. That makes no sense. Awesome tune.

Bruno Cried - No One Has Ever Pinned Anything On Me [buy]

Been listening to these Space remixes more and more, couldn't help posting up another. Bottin's fab remix of their first track is a loud and funky affair which goes big on the bass. Seriously this is a great release! Not that Space needed any updating but these are all really nice interpretations and reworkings.

Space - Tango In Space (Bottin Remix) [buy]

Just a bonus Andrew Weatherall remix because it rocks. Have rediscovered RVNG MX5 by Justine D which is where I first heard this rocking monster. Classic stuff.

My Bloody Valentine - Soon (Andrew Weatherall 12" Mix)

Auckland here we come!


Anonymous said...


Laughing Man said...

Wohooo whooo! tango in space! cool track!

Terry said...

Wow, Andrew Weatherall remixing My Bloody Valentine, that's great.

6 Golden Coins said...

that Metro Area track is slick

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