Thursday, 14 January 2010

Bendy Straws

Ohhhh mannnnnnn that was the best weekend. Special Disco Version destroyed it, Theo Parrish blew my mind, The Swiss gave me a massive boner, Mayer Hawthorn was all sorts of charming and both Lovefingers and Brennan Green perfectly capped off a great few days.

There is an insane amount of stuff happening in Sydney at the moment, it's all becoming too much! Next Saturday will be huge with DFA's Shit Robot playing at GoodGod! The man responsible for one of 2009's finest songs in one of Sydney's funnest clubs - stunning! I've got a double pass to dish out for the night so if you're keen to trundle along email me your name and cross your fingers. Chasm is still a real late night dark classic which has aged quite gracefully in the last couple of years. Check out the event for more deets. Wheeeee!

Shit Robot - Chasm [buy]

OK going to try not to turn this blog into a Sydney events page, I'll ease off for a bit. Just to backtrack a little, Rove Dogs' first release on his Small Time Cuts label includes this absolutely rocking edit with a fiercely funky upbeat bassline. On the party vibe scale this is dangerously high - as I'm sure some of you have picked up, I'm a bit of a sucker for wakka-wakka guitars joining forces with a beefy bass and tight percussion. Friday is almost here! This really is one of those little labels you can't afford to ignore.

Rove Dogs - Junior Park [buy]

Backtracking further now, naturally in the lead up to having my head microwaved by James and Pat I was smashing their legendary Fabriclive mix. Our Parisian friend Dimitri's edit of this Love Committee track has always been one of my favourites on this CD and, like just about every track in the mix, it's truly well worth hearing the whole thing which, beyond SDV's departure point, extends into a couple of different and equally beautiful sections. A really spectacular song!

Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You (Disco Re-Edit by Dimitri From Paris)

And now going right back to a 7" from 1978 which was reissued last year to surprising DJ acclaim.. This warped, slightly obscure, tripped out and concise disco funk track by Hercule is something special. I was quite blown away to see how many artists charted the unofficial 12" on Juno - Ajello, Todd Terje, Faze Action, Beatfanatic and so on. It's super cheeky and twisted and overall very loveable. And the original cover is hysterical.

Hercule - Sunday Morning Fever [buy]

Will be back next week with some proper new stuff. This Saturday if you're around town in the afternoon, come to this groovy laneway gig/bloc party that Ash and I (Death Strobe ooooooohhhh) are playing nice and early at. Have (another) wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...


I really love your blog, It is such a favorite of mine and has been since like 2007! I remember messaging you once back then via myspace.

Maybe you can check out my blog sometime, even though it doesn't bring the hits quite as heavy as yours.

Keep up the brilliant work,


andré said...

hey man

nice post -- i see big things ahead for Rove Dogs!

also, Soulwax mixed that Hercule track into their (underrated imo) As Heard on Radio One pt 12 mix, which was also broadcast on BBC's Rob da Bank show

REYNOLDS said...

Rove Dogs. Yeah, it's a cool track, but anyone who knows Raydio "Get Down" (a common, secondhand store 7") will know that Rove Dogs have barely done a thing to it. Props to Ray Parker Jr for the original gem.

andy webb said...

damn was trying to find out what it was. thanks for the heads up.

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