Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Call, Listen

Incredible weekend. Now to follow up with a new In Flagranti track which is equally incredible. Typically brilliant twisted thumping disco named after a German film from the 70s which sounds right up their alley. I'll never be able to get enough of their irresistible sleaze - the first minute is a symphony of moaning, it's fantastic!

In Flagranti - The Swinging Co-eds aka Madchen, Die Nach Munchen Kommen [buy]

Picked up one of Ray Mang's super cool Mangled records from July last year while I was in Auckland a couple of weeks ago. Reminds me a heap of Chaz Jankel's 'Glad To Know You' - just stretched over twice the distance. Anyway, it's a really nice edit of a Denroy Morgan tune that features some big-biceps bass which is nicely evened out by some light disco-gal vocals and, at one point, some cute synthesised steel drums. A great slow burning track.

Ray Mang - Prozac [buy]

Another from the archives, a fab old Moxie edit from the Run Disco Run record. In some ways similar to that Black Cow sound I posted a few weeks ago, tight funk with a nice acidic synth thrown in. Wonderful strings too, and the sneaky keys hanging back in the right channel are just beautiful once you notice their little hiding place in the corner. I'd love to know what the original is if anybody can spot it! I think it's about time Moxie released their first record for 2010, I'm getting seriously impatient.

Moxie - Loving It [buy]

Start preparing for a month-long onslaught of plugging our label launch. Death Strobe will be officially kicking off on April 9th at GoodGod and it will be nothing short of spectacular. Put it on your whiteboard kids!!


James said...

A bit so-so on the InFlagranti tune to be honest.

Loved the relaxed nature of Prozac though. I definitely kicked back at about 1:10! Sweet sax in it too.

The Moxie tune was okay as well, but Prozac was my favorite from this batch.

andy webb said...

thanks for the feedback james! i'll try to find something similar to put into the next post for you

Premini said...

I love the in flagranti shameless way of sampling, they are the best.

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