Tuesday 23 March 2010


Uh oh, welcome to spam city. Sorry but I'm going to be wanking on about our label's launch party at GoodGod until the day. Which is April 9th in case you've forgotten :) We'll be hiring a Funktion One system, or something of similar awesomeness; our first signing Domeyko/Gonzalez will be bringing in the live show; wonderful special guests will be gracing the decks; and we'll be sweating sangria to impossibly hip disco music all night. If you're in Sydney pretty please come party with us! It happens to just about coincide with this little blog's 3rd birthday so consider it a double celebration. If you're not in Sydney, build a raft and start paddling!


This new Jacques Renault mix is absolutely fucking spectacular. I only just noticed Discobelle posted it a couple of days ago and said it's 'perfect for a lazy weekend'... Perhaps if you enjoy dancing to the sound of circular saws and jackhammers and TVs on static and Limp Bizkit performing in a wood chipper, otherwise this is an absolute dancefloor crusher. The whole thing is full of thumping funky disco house and a few tracks I'm desperate to ID - if anyone could spot the second track that would be super fab! Also the track around 40 mins which samples First True Love Affair.. It's a fucking beast. This shit is crucial for getting the juices flowing before a big night out at the dancetaria. Have also chucked in the first track by Average White Band which is a cover of Ned Doheny's 'Get It Up For Love', the only moment of so called 'laziness' to be seen anywhere in this mix. A real nice laid back groover.

Jacques Renault - One's & Two's Mix

Average White Band - Get It Up For Love

I can't believe it, the first Mad on the Moon release (the most recent being the Heels of Love track I posted a few weeks ago) has been sitting in the corner of my room for almost a year, having been misplaced and put in with some very old music I'll probably never listen to again. AND it's by The Love Supreme which makes it hurt twice as bad. The Simone Fedi remix on this record is really huge, the aggressively slappy bass plods it out in the middle while synths and guitars and all kinds of instruments snowball into what ends up being a really chunky high energy song. I'm really digging this label, even more-so now that I've 'discovered' their first release.

The Love Supreme - Tangram (Simone Fedi Remix) [buy]

A mate of mine very kindly got me a CD this week with the most fantastic name. 'Nigeria Disco Funk Special: The Sound Of The Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79' is a killer collection of really soulful funk jams with an authentic vintage sound, the kind that artists like Quantic Soul Orchestra and the Mighty Imperials strive for. Don't need to say much except it's just top fucking quality music made by honest and simple people who loved their grooves. I can't wait to dust off all the similar music I'd forgotten long ago!

Asiko Rock Group - Lagos City [buy]

NYC Sound Record is a really weird label.. Their first release, a fantastic King Onkyo edits record, has been followed by a heap of digital-only releases, and I'm struggling to work out the purpose of a lot of them. Some are barely more than a 4 simple bar loop continuing unchanged for up to 8 minutes, and most of the releases come with bonus beats which makes me think they must just be going for the DJ tool market. But then why go from vinyl to digital? ANYWAY, this one song I really quite like and it's not as repetitive as most of the others. Similar bass to the Love Supreme track, super-slap and beefy, with an obscure kind of disco vibe going on over the top. In any case the whole thing really intrigues me. Does anybody know anything about the label? And what's the connection with Loft Records? Hmm.

Happytouch - Happytouch (Lost Dub Version) [buy]

OK we'll leave it there. See you soon for more ugly plugging!~


sammyjenkins said...

okay andy, without having heard the mix, i would guess the track at 40 mins sampling first true love affair is the track called 'Deflowered' on the caddy shack EP by Tiger & Woods. the hole in one EP by them is also worth checking out...

andy webb said...

fuuuck, i've got the hole in one EP and had the caddy shag EP on order which never arrived. you're exactly right - thank you very much! going to order from somewhere else right now.

ponytail nights said...

Okay buddy. You and eye see I to I on a lot of this stuff. So here's what I propose:

I just picked up the new Kill EP from C.O.M.B.i. (Mr. Duncan). It's vinyl only. I'm too lazy/stupid to rip it as good as you.

I'll send you this fucker, and let you convert it to a high res digital file to share with the world. Or just me. It really doesn't matter. I just want the digital file.

Btw have you heard this? Jesus fuck. Amazatron. Check out the Duncan mix selection: This is How We Do in NYC -- it's like track 8.

Anyway the deal is you'd keep the record, I'd get a nice digital file.

What say you?

Yes I realize this is retarded. It's a much better deal for you. But frankly you deserve it for all that you do.

Hit me back at:


James said...

Thougth Happy Touch was really trippy! Really weird beat that seems to quicken up right before the bar ends/starts. A nice disco overlay as you said though.

Loved the tempo of Get It Up For Love. Vocals are freaking sweet too.

It took Tangram a while to really get into it but when it did, sick! I reckon it would have been really sweet if by the end of the bit I described (3:05), everything got removed except for the bass...

Lagos City, traditional, sweet. Ace tune.

Will give the Jacques Renault mix a listen tomorrow at work.


John said...

Second Song Of Renault-Mix is the legendary D-Trains "Keep On". Probably a remix with additional elements of the dub version. Done by Pettibone or Kevorkian - and with some addional mixing brilliance of Renault himself.

andy webb said...

can't believe i didn't pick that actually, i haven't listened to keep on in aages and only remember the 'sky's the limit...' vocal harvey uses. figured jacques was just working that in. thanks for clearing that up john! now if i could just get my grubby hands on this version. mmmmm

LeBant said...

The Jaques Renault mix is awesome...just what I want to hear on a spring time Saturday morning with the sun shining...loving it! :)

andy said...

loved that JR mix

Anonymous said...

holy ghost! chucked that deflowered track in their recent Beats in Space mix which is absolutely awesome...

Bisti said...

Perhaps if you enjoy dancing to the sound of circular saws and jackhammers and TVs on static and Limp Bizkit performing in a wood chipper, otherwise this is an absolute dancefloor crusher.


Anonymous said...

Two D-Train albums in 320 incl. Keep On available here: http://the-eternal-dance2.blogspot.com/search/label/D%20Train

Peter Hale said...

Third track on Renault's mix is the ever reliable Amplified Orchestra 'The Fighting Spirit' :)

Anonymous said...
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