Friday 30 July 2010


Yeahhh I've been after this Cookhouse record for aeons since hearing it in Harvey's essential mix - finally, after a couple of dodgy Discogs transactions, it's in my lap and it is indeed a beauty. It's a big club house beefing up of D Train's 'Music' which still smells super fresh. Only problem is it seems the mystery men behind the label tried taking the pump a little too far, and the last section of the tune is clip central. There's a good chance this is the loudest record I've ever encountered.. So unfortunately the sound isn't quite up to scratch. Still, it's one of those situations where the quality of the content outweighs the flaws of the package. Definitely a weapon worth getting your hands on!

The Pudmen - Pud Music

This track has me super excited for the debut release of Luke Million (keys extraordinaire of The Swiss) on Future Classic in September. A bubbly, cheeky, poppy synth disco playsong featuring a vintage Arnie aerobics sample. The synth sounds are to die for, particularly the main bass lick - I expect producers will be foaming. You can grab a 320 by signing up to the FC mailing list at their website. Happy stuff!

Luke Million - Arnold

And a fucking hot old Popular People's Front jam off the Love EP which I just rediscovered this week. Burrrrrrrrrrrn!

The Popular People's Front - Keen Doin' Your Dance

If you're in Sydney, hit up our Bondi party on Sunday afternoon/evening!


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