Tuesday 13 July 2010


Taken a couple of weeks sick leave to cough up all my organs but back in action now! Just a quickie to ease back into things.. There are plenty of amazing new records on the way, I promise! But for now here are a few excellent oldies. Like this killer 1979 space disco staple by Bamboo. Or an equally awesome intergalactic boogie by The Z.A.C.K. with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I heard Mind The Cosmic Rocker in an incredible Vidal Benjamin set from Lovefingers' site. Seriously must-hear shit! Hit it up here.

Bamboo - Spaceship Crashing [buy]

The Z.A.C.K. - Mind The Cosmic Rocker [buy]

Speaking of Lovefingers, I totally fell in love with this Andwella track that opens his Xmas mix I posted many months ago. Maelstrom's edit on Mindless Boogie really doesn't do it for me, the hairy early 70s rock vocals are crucial to the groove. After finally getting a copy of the album I have to say it's truly excellent, a summary of everything I love about one of my favourite eras of music. Some funky rockers like this one, a few beautiful psychedelic ballads, some brilliantly composed symphonic flashes. If you dig 70s rock it's a real gem.

Andwella - Hold On To Your Mind [buy]

An awesome edit of a Carrie Lucas track that is immediately recognisable to anybody ever as being sampled in Armand Van Helden's 'You Don't Know Me'. Super awesome tune! And until this very moment I had been misreading the label as saying Phenomenal Handclap Band. Close but no cigar - this is apparently Joey Negro's handiwork. Some excellent edits and an excellent moniker to boot.

Phenominal Handicap Band - Carry On Carrie [buy]

And just for fun here's my favourite track from one of my favourite mixes by Eric Duncan in Tokyo: the C.O.M.B.i. live CD/DVD. This spectacular edit of Hang Together by Odyssey (thanks Sofie!) is so stupidly supremely superb. I pray that this gets some sort of proper release although I'm sure it won't. If you can find a copy of this package somewhere it's pure gold.

C.O.M.B.i. - We Gotta High Together [buy]

I'll be back in the saddle from now on I promise! Things are getting busy with our label, DSR001 is due to be released on August 13th which is super exciting! We'll be doing the launch in Sydney at GOODGOD on August 20th, FUCK YEAH!


sofie said...

that entire combi cd is fantastic but hang together is the obvious gem/jam of the bunch! thanks andy!

Almanac said...

Great post Andy!

Hope DSR001 is Pinisi!

andy webb said...

001 is domeyko/gonzalez, a local sydney duo. pinisi will probably be 002!

almanac said...

Looking forward to grabbing myself a copy of 001! Good luck with it!

Here's a a link to a mix I did featuring Pinisi, you might enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Really great tracks! Keep up the good work! Dj Harvey played in Oslo two nights ago and spun the C.O.M.B.i. track! Awesome tune. :)

Anonymous said...

Yo DD, I'll let you into THE secret...

That C.O.M.B.i track....


As way of thanks for all the music. Don't buy it all at once ;)

Hot Rod x

andy webb said...

you are truly magnificent. took me all of 15 seconds to purchase. most gigantic thanks.

Anonymous said...

that we gotta get high together... that is one stunning track... thank you for posting! made my morning.

Misty Mornings said...

Everything Eric D touches turns to gold. His EDITS are out of this world, and COMBIS are the best he does. I wish I could back in time and get the first two I am missing.

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