Thursday 21 October 2010


Soooo yeah come along to GoodGod tomorrow night for this blog party thang we're doing with Danimals, Ted & Francis and Matt from Van She. It'll be fuun! Or of Saturday's more your thing, also come to GoodGod for Picnic with Hey Convict! who I've only just recently realised are quite spectacular. I'm way late to the game here but their Time To Noodle mix from 2006 is truly something to behold. After checking out a few of their mixes I'm getting a bit of a Lovefingers meets The Avalanches kinda vibe. Plenty of psychedelic goodies. Seriously can't endorse this enough!

Hey Convict! - Time To Noodle

Ooh boy this latest Max Essa record on Is It Balearic? is a stunner. The 20-minute long A side 'Panorama Suite' is just sublime, a really beautiful lush journey that could easily run for another 20 minutes if it would fit on the 12". The flip side is lovely too, a gently funky jam 'Uptown Vibration' that's coupled with a shit hot remix by Mark Seven. If you can still find a copy of this in stores I highly recommend picking one up for springtime listening bliss.

Max Essa - Uptown Vibration [buy]

Ermm and I really dig these tracks too. One from the first Cookhouse record and a cheeky obscure cut from an Albion record on Ambassador's Reception.

The Piemen - Meat & Potato

Albion - Milky Way



tropical said...

new essa album just came out as well

Anonymous said...

Do you have the tracklist for Time to Noodle?
Can't find it anywhere..

Killa Cutz said...

Been wanting the tracklist for the Time To Noodle mix for ages. Now with some help from Shazam and lyrics-googling I think I've cracked it. Well almost, at least 3 tracks missing and maybe I missed some other snippets, intro and skits? Here it is:
1) Tim Buckley - Get On Top [LP Greetings From L.A.] (Warner)
2) ??
3) Alan Parsons Project - Nucleus [LP I Robot] (Arista)
4) Weather Report - Non-stop Home [LP Sweetnighter] (Columbia)
5) Вячеслав Куликов / P. Kulikov - Exploration In Progress (??) >> not sure about this, but Shazam came up with this
6) Herbie Mann ft. Cissy Houston - Cajun Moon [LP Surprises] (Atlantic)
7) Crosby, Stills & Nash - Dark Star [LP CSN] (Atlantic)
8) Alessi Brothers - Seabird [LP Alessi] (A&M)
9) Gino Soccio - So Lonely [LP Outline] (Warner)
10) RAH Band - Electric Fling [LP The Crunch & Beyond] (RCA)
11) Map Of Africa - Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys [LP Map Of Africa] (Whatever We Want Records)
12) Bhagwan Fresh & Tim Lee - The Bhagwan Love Example [Idjut Boys Sneak Attack Mix] (Disfunction)
13) Peter Green - Just For You [LP In The Skies] (Sail / GIP / Creole)
14) Chicago - Life Saver [LP Chicago VII] (Columbia / CBS)
15) Love Unlimited - Under The Influence Of Love [LP Under The Influence Of Love Unlimited] (Philips / 20th Century)
16) Aphrodite's Child - Let Me Love, Let Me Live [LP It's Five O'Clock] (Mercury)
17) Captain Beefheart - My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains [LP Clear Spot] (Reprise)
18) ??
19) ??

killacutz at gmail dot com

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Unknown said...
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