Tuesday, 26 October 2010


This old Valery Allington tune has started my week off real nicely. Great early 80s synth-discovery disco, plenty of rich layers and catchy vocals driving it along - and not too Italo for my liking. Hawt.

Valery Allington - Stop

Hey Convict! (or at least Tamas from HC!) was fucking brilliant on Friday night. I can't stop listening to their mixes! Also been enjoying these edits CDs compiled by their Melbourne pals The Late Show. Particularly digging Lovefingers' contribution to the second one; punchy plodding bassline, unconvincing horn-like synth and squelchy filtered guitar which is occasionally interrupted by a strange sort of tacky Chinese restaurant flavoured bridge. I love how this song feels quite unaware of itself, like some oblivious guy picking his nose in front of everybody on the train. It's tasteless but kind of adorable.

Lovefingers - Dandy Uh [DL CD]

This latest release on Optimo Music is a real winner. Like our good pal Midnight Savari, Space System is also from Jakarta making synthical wonders. King Of Town delivers a restrained remix of this dark track that almost feels a little bit tribal with thick pounding drums. I guess if you dig the Optimo vibe you should certainly be into this. Moog alert!

Space System - Sorrow Show (King Of Town Remix) [buy]

Been wondering what happened to awesome UK label Light Sounds Dark until I discovered just the other day a new compilation slipped under my radar in September. Shock horror! Thank god Piccadilly still have some 12" copies left. Like the first Sherm Sticks comp, Return of the Sherm is full of hard to find gems of the psychedelic/disco/funk/weird variety. After listening to it for a couple of days I know I'm going to be wearing these records out in no time, I highly recommend tracking down a copy while they're still available.

Oro - Stop The War [buy]

Hopefully lots more goodies arriving this week!


Cumputur said...

We can disco.


Cumputur said...

^ He's crazy


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