Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Chic Chic Chic

Yayyy way cool, Justin Vandervolgen is playing Sydney this Saturday at GoodGod :))) going to be a really fun night, if you're in town do come along! Clickity click the flyer for tickies!

Also check out this supremo mix Justin did for us to promote the tour, it's an absolute fucking beast:

Justin Vandervolgen Picnic Oz Tour Mix 2011! by Picnic Touring & Events

And onto a few tunes - this latest Claremont 56 release by Almunia (who I know absolutely nothing about) is so so fantastic. The A-side, New Moon, is a gorgeous guitar cruiser that hits the Sunday spot perfectly, but it's this track that makes me go bendy. I guess like you'd expect from every Claremont record ever it's just way too awesome, beyond top quality. It's a really simple stripped back down-to-business slow-mo chugger - and i fucking love it. Anyone know who Almunia is?

Almunia - Travel (Instrumental) [buy]

Also here's the track I used in that little video for our Sunday parties, which is off the latest Light Sounds Dark compilation 'After The Void'. Really hip tune! And an essential release if you haven't got your hands on it yet.

Gift of Dreams - Moonwalk [buy]

Skimping on the music for now, new Delishcast next week which will be a reeeeally good one! Much lurve.


groovypanda said...

Some more info on Almunia:


Album drops soon

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