Wednesday 9 March 2011

Frames (aka This Avocado)

Got some real tasty exotic morsels for this sesh that I've been looking forward to sharing for a while. First up is a cut from the freshly released Soft Rocks album sampler which is just super duper. Warning: this is only on the sampler, not the album, which is also super duper. I haven't heard a great deal more snare drum grooves hipper than this one, it absolutely pops my head off, and it just gets better in the percussion break mid-way through the track. Yeah the brief sections of vox and synth are cool but it's when shit gets tribal that this tune really shines. Brilliant!

Soft Rocks - Ah Zhaa! [buy]

Skipping over to the Middle East we get this ripping KM Editions record with wonderful Arabic flavours, again a bit left of centre. After the long mish-mash of sounds and voices to get you acclimatised you're treated to a meaty dish well worthy of a wobble in your burqa. Things travel nice and slow towards a rich groove with some horns and cosmic synths thrown in for good measure. I really love the vibe of this whole record, I hope more people in the editing world will be digging into more exotic record crates.

KM Editions - Discotheque Arabe

Another beauty here by The Natural Yogurt Band which employs the wonderful warming sound of a kalimba, totally the coolest instrument ever. Fantastic plonky keys, some saturated drums sitting over in the corner, beautiful dry flute crooning away, this song really does just sound so natural (yogurt). I feel like every time I listen to it a tree is saved somewhere. Love it.

The Natural Yogurt Band - Eastern Promise [buy]

Heading up to old Europa now - France in fact - for a tune that sounds decidedly American. Totally incredible funky number from a totally incredible and often properly weird album by 70s mystery group Human Egg. I can't really work out how the music on this record fits together but it's heaps of fun and pure quality if you dig things that are a bit unexpected. Just be careful of the power ballads.

Human Egg - Feeling On My Mind [buy]

Hope you enjoy this little excursion. I'm working on a summer tribute Delishcast which I'll probs post next week - promise it will be amazing!