Friday 3 June 2011


At long last I've sucked it up and done a massive Juno shop, it may have taken me 3 days of painfully wading through rubbish but a big fat box of the good stuff is hopefully airborne right now on its way to my door. Until they arrive I've got a couple of other curiosities that didn't quite warrant the 12" purchase but certainly deserved a digital look. This Lightbluemover track in particular has really been growing on me and now I kinda wish I'd got the record. Certainly not done justice by a 90 second preview, this one is all about the patient growth and progression of the track, the way it calculates its moves very thoughtfully and precisely. Sounds very german to me in that sense of being so fastidious and exact. Proper winter business here, you northern hemisphere chumps are probably too busy leaping about in sunny meadows to care, but for the rest of us who need to keep warm by the stereo this is a top tune. Great rumbly wumbly for down in the club.

Lightbluemover feat. Black Light Smoke - Ddisco [buy]

This Dr. Dunks remix on Internasjonal is reeeally interesting, something quite different from our disco lord and saviour. At no point does it really feel grounded, constantly wandering off into some lofty daydreamy space, and I've been warming to it big time. A total trip into a colourful fluffy realm of peaceful strangeness, never once feeling threatening or uncomfortable in its bizarreness. For me this is definitely the pick of the bunch from this record - although it may be one of the greatest track names ever and Prins Thomas has popped in for a nice remix, I don't think there's much that's interesting or intriguing about the rest of the single. Thank you mister Eric for this lovely little oddity.

Worst Friends - Billiards With A Midget (Dr. Dunks Keep It Cheap Mix) [buy]

Venturing back again into the vast catalogue of the digital graveyard that is iTunes, I've luckily resurrected this Claremont 56 classic by Smith & Mudd - only the second release on the label back in 07. And by classic I really mean classic - it's completely indicative of the Claremont sound, cruisy acoustic beauty of the highest quality. Nothing overplayed or turned up to 11, no corner cutting or impatience, just perfectly well performed and produced music that makes you happy. I always admire the conceptual simplicity of a lot of Smith & Mudd's stuff and how effectively they're able to construct exquisite music from quite basic ideas. It's all about the fundamentals, kids! There's also a great Lexx remix of this track which offers a little bit of variety. Enjoy.

Smith & Mudd - Shulme [buy]

There's plenty to keep busy with this weekend in Sydney. Saturday night you're spoiled for choice: Motion is on at the Hollywood Hotel with a 70s disco+soul vinyl only policy which sounds just glorious; or you can get more contemporary down at Slow Blow which is always a treat. And of course, as ever, we're doing our Sunday rooftop thang over at Hunky Dory which keeps on buzzing. Aaaaand of course the Avalanches tonight at the Opera House - BOOM! Have a great one.