Wednesday 22 June 2011

Deep Horse, Melbourne Style

Oh dear, suddenly I've got far too much great new music and I'm a little overwhelmed. For starters I'll spread the news that we're doing a warehouse party this Saturday night with (who I claim is) Australia's bestest DJ, Tamas Jones of Hey Convict! spinning all night long. Check out this sterling mix he did exclusively for the night if you're not a believer - it's just his usual blend of psych-wave-disco-strum-bleep-ambi-vibe deep-croon-funk-core, an hour long instructional tape on how to be a total fucking legend behind the decks - then go hit up the Picnic website for all the details. Going to be a serious winner :)

Hey Convict (Tamas Jones) Picnic's One Night Stand Exclusive Promo Mix by Picnic Touring & Events

Now onto the daunting task of selecting just a few tracks to share. Only realised once my big Juno order arrived that I'd almost exclusively bought deep house. There's just so much brilliant deepness going around, especially down in Melbourne! The Melbourne Deepcast record is as fantastic as I could have hoped for and even picking just one track off that is pretty rough. Since I've got stuff to post by two of the artists and I don't really want to lock horns with Lewie Day's manager, I'll keep things spread out and offer up this gem from Andy Hart. Probably the most mellow tune of the package, it's a sweet little groover that doesn't have to overdo things to force foot movements. Proud to say one of this year's strongest and most essential records has come from our fine land - nicely done, crew!

Andy Hart - Devoted [buy]

Melbourne gush part 2: Fantastic Man's new EP on Kolour LTD is a serious burner. The problem with blogging about deep house is how the fuck do you restrict the number of times the word 'deep' is used to any reasonable amount? This track is really wide, but on a vertical scale... Know what I'm saying? A killer warm reworking of Maxwell's 'Dancewithme' that you might describe as 'peed' backwards. The B2 on this record is definitely my favourite but I think I'll save that for the next Delishcast - I'm hoping to get around to doing a proper deep house mix, but get your hands on the 12" anyway!

Fantastic Man - Groove With You [buy]

Just a quick break in the Melbourne love to give props to an amazing Spaniard. This new record by Leonid Nevermind is completely blowing my mind, this first track in particular. The bassline absolutely slaps my face red and purple - it's disgustingly sludgy, sticky, muddy and unbearably funky. Now I'm probably at risk of triggering some kind of spam bots for repeating myself so many times but this brings deep to whole new depths. If you can somehow swim your way out of the goopy thickness you'll probably find yourself dancing so feverishly your bones will melt and turn into custard. And the rest of the record is fucking great too. Am I exaggerating? No, I would never do that, I'm a professional. You jerk. Without a doubt my favourite record in a fair while.

Leonid Nevermind - The Unexplored Land of Love [buy]

Aaaand the third and final Melbourne props are being handed to Weekend Express for being a supreme dude in a very short time under a new moniker. His offering on the Deepcast record is a gorgeous gem, as is his release on Stilove4music. More disco vibing on this one, it fits perfectly in amongst the SL4M catalogue with the usual quirked out club disco vibe. Check out After Party on the B-side which throws in a great 90s house angle - well, really, the whole record is 100% useful. Top shelf.

Weekend Express - Going to Chicago [buy]

Congratulations, Melbournites. You scumbags.


Blueblogs said...

Fantastic Man is exactly that. Great post. I also just wrote a post about the man.

wonkycarton said...

agree completely with blueblogs. that fantastic man track is irresistible!

LeMass said...

I found Devoted while I was over Berlin and made me so proud of Australia. Then not a week and a bit later it was dropped in Chez Moune in Paris and it went OFF!

Absolute gem

Anonymous said...

I found Devoted while I was over Berlin and made me so proud of Australia. Then not a week and a bit later it was dropped in Chez Moune in Paris and it went OFF!

Absolute gem

Anonymous said...

I was over in Paris a week or so ago and Devoted was dropped in Chez Moune and it went OFF!

Absolute gem.

Anonymous said...
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