Tuesday 26 July 2011

Paradise Recovered

Ladies and gentledudes, you have only one homework assignment this week: set aside a good five hour chunk of time and experience this absolutely incredible relic from Paradise Garage's second birthday party, 1979, which was aired for the first time ever on Saturday. Following an hour or so of brilliant interviews and scene-setting, you've got around 4 hours of one of the most sensational things ever put to tape. Starting off with mind blowing live performances from Sylvester and Dan Hartman, it documents a spectacular night at the mythical Garage with disco music's equivalent of Jesus, Larry Levan, spinning for over three hours on the best quality recording I've heard from the era.

This is pure disco education. The music is spectacular and the message is timeless. It's so exciting that something like this should surface some 30-odd years later and still be completely relevant and thrilling - there are so many moments that made me shiver with pleasure. It looks like the broadcast will only be available to stream for another 5 days, after that I might just pop up an mp3 rip of it if that's kosher. In any case, get stuck in and get inspired. Invite some friends round, play it loud have a good time!

BBC Legends of the Dance Floor: A Piece Of Paradise - Paradise Garage's 2nd Birthday Party

Have a lovely weekend everybody - I'm heading up to spin a couple of records at Splendour early on Friday if anyone else is hitting it up. Got some nice new records to post up next week too. Much love!


Nasty Midnighter said...

If this were an RA review you would've ended it with a 3/5 rating.

Seriously gonna listen thank bud.

andy webb said...

best comment ever.


Anonymous said...

Choice excellence dear sir!

Unknown said...

Arh, missed it… Time to bring up the interweb-powers.

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