Tuesday 30 August 2011


Hello chappy chaps. September is going to be ridiculous. For starters, this saturday we're doing a warehouse party to launch our Picnic DJ agency! Our roster is chock full of legends: Tamas Jones (Hey Convict!), The Loin Brothers, Steele Bonus, Marcus King, Perfect Snatch, Matt Trousdale, Mirror Mirror and Kali. And myself. Yawwwww! Most of us will be spinning at the party - the warehouse space is fantastic, the tunes will be supremo and the people will be tops. Clickety click the flyer for infos. Tickies from Resident Advisor. Doooo ittttt!

Now on with the show. I've been hanging onto a couple of these nice deep electronic tracks until they've had some company. Just nabbed this Sascha Dive record the other week and the Alix Alvarez remix on it is a proper club jam. Simultaneously brimming with bass and delicately crafted up top, it's a real nice sonic bite. I find there's something kinda nostalgic about it, the calculated simplicity really gives it a classic feel. I like it.

Sascha Dive - The Jam (Alix Alvarez Remix) [buy]

I can't seem to find any information about this Auxon fellow, but he/she/they/it have put out a respectable 12" on freshy label Shaddock. Particularly the Liquid Pegasus remix is a bomb for me, which slows the original way down and gets all spacious and space-ish. Plenty of groove and character, delightful synths and wonderful depth. Overall a very nicely engineered track. Liquid Pegasus is a rocking name.

Auxon - Hon Ken (Liquid Pegasus Remix) [buy]

Why oh why did I not pay attention to this Jayson Brothers record when it first came out? Actually I have to wonder why there was ever a time when i was less than blown away by every release by mister MCDE. It's everything I would expect from one of his records: incredible percussion samples, obscenely danceable rhythms, plump bass with lovely lounge chords splashed over the top, a nice vocal hook. Superb! The consistency of the quality he's able to produce is just a bit scary.

Jayson Brothers - Monster Box [buy]

Lastly, I've been secretly having a nice time with this Garcynoise tune for a while now. It's not huuugely my usual thing but I just love the pokey little lead line, I find it quite endearing. Super tight, it just plucks away with fingertippy keys and crispy drums, getting the foundations right. Good clean fun!

Garcynoise - Dirty Black Dust [buy]

See you all in Spring :))))))


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