Thursday 8 September 2011

Spring Rollies

What a wonderful relief to be lapping up some rays at last. Eat my willy northern hemisphere, it's our turn to have a lil' melt down here, and not a moment too soon! This gorgeous sundrenched discorchestral beauty by V.I.P. Connection has been soundtracking my past week especially (thank you Alex Hixon!) and I absolutely adore it. With summer-convertable immagery from start to finish, the horns blow and the strings string, and the days are happy.

V.I.P. Connection - West Coast Drive

Found it hard to believe when I heard this track that it's by Alan White, the drummer of Yes. It's light years away from the serious Yes stuff - in fact, I think the words 'oooh baby' are about as un-prog as you can get. I love this. Just straightforward groovin' with soulful vocals and thumping rhythms. A great funky rock 'n' roll love song. Heard it while I was revisiting the marvellous Purple Brain mix on RVNG by Andre of Bumrocks and Jason of Hey Convict!, a mighty duo indeed. Top tuney.

Alan White - Oooh Baby (Goin' To Pieces)

Keeping with the ye olde classic theme, here's a Deodato fave of mine from the 1980 album of the same name. Proper strutting business with all the bells and whistles. Big planks of bass are nailed to the ground and everything is constructed on this chunky frame using shiny brass, polished chrome synths and a little light cheese as a glue substitute. And some dull 80s drums that you couldn't notice if you tried. It's a lovely plonker.

Deodato - Night Cruiser

That'll do then. Kisses.

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