Thursday, 22 September 2011

Old Mate

I know how much you guys love having gig flyers blasted in your face so I have MORE for you - thank the lord! Next Saturday (October 1st) we're doing a One Night Stand with Canyons playing all night at our super rad warehouse. I really cannot wait for this one, so keen to get weird with it. The weather keeps getting better and the vibes they are a'flowin. Get on it :)))

Got a bunch of things I'm saving for a Delishcast next week so I'm reaching deep into the vault again here. Here's a beautiful disco track I've loved dearly for quite a while by L.T.D. with spectacularly powerful black-church vocals and a gorgeously rich arrangement of strings, horns, guitars and percussion - a complete disco platter. The whole thing has so much uplifting force, it's simply fantastic. An all time fave.

L.T.D. - Love to the World

Deeeeeeeep shit from a 7 year old Rick Wade rekkid that's not going to be forgotten in a hurry. I really adore this track, and this 12" - it's everything that's right about soulful deep house. At once loungey and subconsciously energetic, it hits you well below the surface with comforting warmth and beautiful finesse. All the classic Detroit dudes just have it so right and they always will. There's not much dance music that's got this much soul and this much heart. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Rick Wade - The Purveyor of Deep Tones

More more more old favies, this time from a period way back where I was really immersed in jazz-funk fusion kinda stuff like Jimmy Smith. There's something really elementary about it, even when tracks are clearly intricately composed everything just seems like a pure blues jam that's held together completely by instinct and feel. Also, is there anybody on earth who doesn't love the sound of a Hammond tickling away over the top of a hot funk band? Pure aural bonerisation. I don't think Jimmy McGriff was always at the very tip of the movement but when he's good he's fuckin killer.

Jimmy McGriff - Tight Times [buy]

OK here's a newie for ya, from Spanish pal Nelue's latest venture which is a solid edits label called Groove Democracy. This one is a real beefed up party version of (the late) Ashford & Simpson's Street Corner. The bottom end is massively thickened out and it's just generally a whole lot more DJ friendly. The concept behind the label sounds pretty cool - each release showcases a particular country's top editors facing off against Nelue's local Spanish crew. I like it!

Ashford & Simpson - Street Corner (Nelue Edit) [buy]

Have a super duper weekend my lovers :)