Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hot Or Not

It's starting to get really steamy in these parts and that makes me really happy. Last night at 2AM it was still 28°C which is the kind of sweaty discomfort I live for. Naturally a lot of what's happening on my stereo is becoming mellower as things begin to overheat and slow to a crawl. This stunning space lounge bit from Nordic brothers Plej is just sublime. A perfect sedative to help you sink several levels deeper into your couch groove while you're struggling to lift a cold beer up to your face. Blissful.

Plej - Lay of the Land

Our buddy is doing an 11/11/11 party tomorrow night down at GoodGod which coincides with his birthday, and you should go. Monsieur Graz recently did a remix for our next Death Strobe release and he's also got a stash of top edits hiding up his singlet. This 'mashup' of sorts (don't grimace, trust me) is a really beautiful thing - one of my favourite Quiet Village tracks paired perfectly with a skilfully edited APP vocal, it's a 12 point fingerprint match as CSI detectives say. Graz is also spinning at our next Death Strobe Sunday Sesh up on the Hunky Dory rooftop, I'll blast you poor folks with flyers next week.

Quiet Village / Alan Parsons Project - What Goes Up (Graz Edit)

Oooh who remembers this little gem? I remember hearing it for the first time on Ministry of Sound's Testament of House: The Third Prophecy, which seems like several decades ago. Heavily cut up with a little grated cheese on top, it's simply nice, warm, unpretentious house music. Clever but not genius, it's the kind of thing that doesn't make your brain work hard and that's just how I like it. At the very least it's a good dose of nostalgia.

Outlines - Just A Lil' Lovin'

Fishing deeper down the nostalgia well and this good-times Led Zep cover resurfaces. A slow burning disco version of Whole Lotta Love with Tina Turner spurting a blazing inferno from her mouth, what could be better? Disco covers are notoriously dangerous but this is one of the top shelf affairs that make it worth digging for more. I haven't listened to this for ages but it'll never lose its charm.

Tina Turner - Whole Lotta Love

Stacks of big parties coming up in the next couple of weeks, like I said you'll be copping an eyeful of flyers so beware.