Thursday, 24 November 2011

Torn8do W8ll8ce

FYI, 8 is the new A. Got a monster of a party this Saturday, Melbourne deep king Tornado Wallace spinning all night long at our fab warehouse space. I'm sure I don't need to rant on about how awesome this is going to be, just click that flyer and get yoself in attendance :)))

Got a couple of exquisite mixes to share today which are going to be keeping my ears busy for quite some time. First up, Psychemagik have knitted together their third tape for the ever excellent Test Pressing, called Sunrise. The first two, High on You and Celestial Love, are pretty much in my top 5 mixes of all time and I can already tell this one is going to be competing heavily for the upper ranks as well. Just a hair under two hours of pure psychedelic spectacularity, I really am in heaven. Click through and begin the freefall.

Psychemagik - Sunrise (via Test Pressing)

The second is by my boy Joystick Jay, the Danish disco marvel who put together the first Disco Delicious edits record. He got accepted into RBMA Madrid (still so fucking jealous) and this is a set he played right after Chic & Nile Rogers. Oh My Golly. Packed full of wonderful and weird stuff, it's a testament to the breadth and depth of his record collection. Jay, you are the man. We'll be doing another DD release in the near future so feel free to start salivating over that. But in the meantime, dig this mix!

Joystick Jay - Live From Madrid (RBMA)

Feeling pretty inspired by these, hopefully I'll get my act together and pump out a juicy Delishcast for next week. Hopefully see some of you guys on Saturday night! xx


Little Kell said...

Can you move to Melbourne? We need some more cool and plus I have an internet crush on (you)r blog. PLEASE!? Also, is that top picture of "Kubik" from Melb Music wk???

andy webb said...

i see you're an ex-sydneysider. just come back! we won't hold it against you :)

yeah the snap is from kubik, really wish i'd gone, looked so bloody good.

Little Kell said...

Kubik was so freakin great, actually.

Haven't been home in a while. Did my dash in Sydney, yeesh, it was hectic/grand. Think you might know my mate Oldboy? Back for some Sydney Festival stuff, so you have to post good things going down in January! I don't want to miss out.

andy webb said...

oldboy, rings a bell. what's his name? get tickets to our andrew weatherall gig? there'll be so much good stuff happening and i won't be keeping quiet about any of it.

Little Kell said...

Sweet, keep us in the loop, then. Oldboy = Rowan; He does a bit of DJ stuff around the Sydney traps.

Also, that 'Sunrise' link is just great. Thanks!

andy webb said...

oh of course, i'd forgotten that's what rowan played as! was hanging out with him last night as a matter of fact, friday too. as legendary as they come.

glad you liked the mix, check out the other two psychemagik mixes on test pressing if you haven't already, they're unbelievable.

rodrigoart said...

so glad you shared that psychemagick mix, i am in love with all their stuff at the moment!