Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Ohh My Head..

Fuck, after that hectic week I feel like I've been hit by a car. And I would know. Anyway, I'll kick things off with a repost of one of my favourite tunes at the moment at a listenable bitrate plus another nice new mix: the Oizo and Kissy remixes of Calvin Harris' 'Merrymaking At My Place'. It may take me months to get over the awesome grooviness, especially if a 12" release is around the corner that i can jive to in my room. The Kissy remix is more vanilla than I expected, but a more club-friendly tempo than the Oizo mix and it's still an ace song. Drug taking! Drug taking!

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place (Kissy Sell Out Remix)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the gritty new Passions remix of 'Home Wrecker' by Melbourne indie kids Damn Arms, hopefully with some more goodies to follow. They're supporting the Klaxons while they're over here as well as the Midnight Juggernauts on their Dystopia tour in August, which you really can't afford to miss if you live in Aus.

Damn Arms - Home Wrecker (Passions Remix)

Been getting some great music in the mail, so I guess I'd better post some. My two faves this week have been from Janedge and MESH, from France and America respectively. 'You Sampled That' by Janedge is a powerful driving dirty electro piece, and 'I Want To Start' by MESH is a trippy up-and-down boomer. Both should be played very loud and danced to overly enthusiastically.

Janedge - You Sampled That

MESH - I Want To Start

And finally, a short and sweet mix by Hookie - Starfuckers resident DJ/celebrity/mover and shaker - should motivate you to come visit Sydney's best club night hosted at Club 77. Get the track listing here. Seriously, if you want great music which you clearly do if you're reading this blog *chortle* then fucking go there and don't look back. Unless you value your sundays..

Hookie - LESS HANDS, MORE RAVE!!! Chapter 1



Dave said...

Hey Andy, cheers for the kind words! I'm doing my best to lift the Australian blogging game!

PS> That Passions mix is amazing isn't it? I thought i was the only one who loved it so.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

Thanks for some great tunes here, found a sebastian song i didn't had. And that's pretty exceptional :p And indeed that Passions remix is quite a remix.
Maybe we can arrange something, and place eachother's links into our links section ?


Anonymous said...

Same here, DiscoDelicious makes his pride on my blog :d

keem said...

kissy sell put is the best around . Cant wait to hear that new mix thats sure gonna be in my record bag
thx a lot!

Anonymous said...

Andy...once again thanks for the write up! we really need to get our blog up and going again just so hard to find time.

Cheers MAte

Anonymous said...


Less hands, more rave is INSANE man!

I've gone crazy with this shit!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the passions remix. i like damn armns, i like passions, so that´s pefect!

chhers from berlin

Dave said...

Hah thanks Andy! I do what i can. But the links are coming down...again...

Anonymous said...

see you on the 5th

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