Friday 3 August 2007

All Aussie Adventures!

Yay! I've got an all Aussie post to flaunt some homegrown talent and brag about how cool our country is. First up, Sydney electro machine Whitenoise is secretly taking over the world with music so crunchy it sounds like a symphony of apples being eaten. Check out his ridiculously good remix of Bag Raiders' 'Fun Punch' which adds some delicious beef to the already fantastic roast vegetables of the original song. What the fuck are these metaphors? I'm hungry.. Anyway, play it in a club and you will be a true hero. Also, enjoy his own banger 'It's What We Do', which will end up on his record coming out on Bang Gang 12 Inches later this year. Exxxxxcellent!

Bag Raiders - Fun Punch (Whitenoise Remix) [removed]

Whitenoise - It's What We Do

Next up, Candy's Apartment regular chums Hey Now have been darling enough to hook me up with their remix of The Paper Scissors' track 'We Don't Walk'. Disco Delicious certified good-times-for-all tune! It's well worth swinging by whenever they hit the decks to see the strangely attractive boys bring down the walls with hot beats.

Paper Scissors - We Don't Walk (Hey Now Remix)

I'll take a step back from the club realm for a moment for something a bit more laid back. Another fine Damn Arms remix has swooped into my inbox, this time by Cut Copy/Riot in Belgium. To me it sounds like a nice blend of Cut Copy and Alan Braxe with those gentle warming synths. While I'm at it, it can't hurt to post another old Juggers' remix of the band, so here's their take on 'The Cormorant' which has the classic super punchy bass drum and driving feel that I really love about their sound. And if that can't hurt, then this won't hurt either: the lovely Presets mix of 'Devil Within' from the Juggernauts' debut EP, 'Secrets of the Universe' which is definitely worth having. A great dark mix which has always made me wish the Presets would do more remix work.

Damn Arms - Test Pattern (Cut Copy/Riot in Belgium Remix)

Damn Arms - The Cormorant (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)

Midnight Juggernauts - Devil Within (The Presets Remix)

Finally - how could I post an Aussie showcase without throwing some GhettoRuckus in? Have a jive to their latest mix installment, 'Battered in Baltimore' with steamy tracks by Herve, Goose, Sinden and other cheeky characters. Track listing is here.

GhettoRuckus DJ's - Battered in Baltimore

Oh, and if you haven't already, make very sure you check out Hookie's mix in the previous post. It's been permanently on in my car for the last week, and doesn't look like losing that privilege any time soon.

And now I'm off to Splendour for the weekend. I can taste your jealousy! Be good, kids.


Deckland Scorpius said...

this is sweet, its like you are an internet version of me made up of 1's and 0's, you anticipate my every move, you post everything that makes me hard.

also that hookie mix is INSANE, did he actually mix it? or was it a starfuckers gang collab?

andy webb said...

haha thanks! yep that mix was all hookie, stunning hey? if you dig that, should have a mix from sunday school coming in the next couple of weeks, so be on your toes.

if you're in syd, myspace me and we'll have a beer at starfuckers, yeah?

Anonymous said...

have fun at splendor pandy!

Anonymous said...

cheers from germany.

great fucking post.

Dave said...

Andy! This is just brill! I've been waiting for the Whitenoise mix to drop for some time now! AND that new Damn Arms? Damn it man. You're putting me to shame. I'll have to retaliate now...

Anonymous said...

did you get this straight from whitenoise or the bag raiders? doubt it.

Albert said...

Love the blog bud, keep up the good work!

Definitely a link going up on alblog, soon as I get round to posting this month...

Anonymous said...

Great blog dude. Seriously one of the best, lovin every post.

All the better it's coming straight outta Syd aswell.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

dude you cant just post anything you feel like, there are artists out there trying to make a living.

Dave said...

I don't see why people are get all fussed over what Andy's posted. The old stuff (Presets vs. Juggers, Juggers vs. Damn Arms) has been available for some time, and posting the mp3s encourages people to search out the entire eps/12"s. As for the new stuff, the dude's even said that Comets/Belgium/Cut Copy/whoever sent him the mp3 directly. Either that or someone with the authority to send it had sent the email. And the same probably goes for the Whitenoise stuff as well! Being Sydney's best blogger, i'm sure people would want Andy to post their music. Sheesh. Calm down. And if the artists don't want their material on the blog they can just ask to take it down. We like to be friends with the people who make music that we love, so I'm certain Andy would happily comply. Seriously.

Rant over.

Dave said...

Another point!

Posting remixes and tunes encourages people to see the artists shows/dj sets too. Let's be realistic about this. Blogs are basically free promotion.

Anonymous said...

is there actually a place called starfuckers? cool!
we from strfckr (makin noise since 2002) love this blog and just want to say thanks for providing us with many cool cool fckdup tracks to spin!!
cheers mates!
simon little from strfckr

Anonymous said...

I was just in time for that whitenoise remix of Bag raiders.. what a tune! Thanks Andy.
Keep it up ;)



Anonymous said...

Dave, you have some very valid points, but myspace rips/set rips of unreleased material is never very appreciated by any artists

Dave said...

Yeah I can see now that this wasn't cleared, and I know how the Raiders are notorious for keeping a tight lid on there stuff. Hopefully nobody's in trouble here. Pardon my ranting by the way anon. I know blogs are tumultuous things.

Unknown said...

just to set the record straight - i misunderstood what whitenoise told me about the tune which is why i posted it, and had no internet access until last night so had no way of checking emails. i'm sorry to the bag raiders for sharing the track against their will, but please realise the whole reason i write this blog is to promote talented artists and share fantastic music that i think people need to be hearing. obviously if i'm acting against any artists wishes i'll do whatever i can to sort out the problem.

cheers guys

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe id take this oportunity to break some bread and shed light on what is going to be a Fucking unreal night on friday at Explicit, Havana! Ashton Shuffle,James Taylor vs Ben Morris, Ghetto Ruckus, Matttt & Tomassss & RENO, Its the finale and its gunna be off the nuts! see all you punters there yeeeeeeeeew

pash (ghetto ruckus)

B said...

wow! this tracklist is da shiT! specially the cormorant remix...see ya!

Anonymous said...

andys keeping it real

ilovetechno said...



Brit Wolfson said...

yo! you just changed my life! i heard sebastiAn's pop the glock remix on a motion graphics reel, found your blog, and i am not the same person! this music is the best i have ever heard!!!

i am a professional breakdancer too so music is my life!!

i can not thank you enough!!
seriously seriously seriously!

Anonymous said...

ghetto ruckus are a bunch of westies, who can't mix for shit, and shouldn't be taken seriously in the Sydney music scene...

Anonymous said...

the tracklist link is dead :(
anyone know of a copy?x

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I agree that the foul itself does not look bad at normal speed, but, oh God, that's a horrific injury.

Anonymous said...
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