Tuesday 2 October 2007

Just Art

I couldn't think of a more appropriate mix for my first post than Bang Gang's Art Killers from 2004. I'm a bit startled by the fact that it's never been posted before. It's an insane mix of rock, electro, hip-hop, pop and crazy samples. But not like the rest. A careful song selection and the exceptional mixing differs it from anything else anyone has ever done. A must listen.

Art Killers - Ajax and Gus Da Hoodrat

So the biggest weekend for the electrolytes of Sydney has just passed. Justice certainly stood out as the favourite at Parklife - definitely a major step up from their Sydney shows earlier this year at Big Day Out and The Metro, where the mixing was average and the songs weren't their own. This time round, the songs were their own and they proved their ability to put on a show, excite the crowd and exhibit their skills.

Another highlight of Parklife was the exceptional live set from Goose - the sound quality and performance excited me so much, even though I expected a lot from their live at Rock Werchter set posted on DD earlier this year.

So here are two tracks. The airy and 'not-so-Justice' collaboration between Justice and Gambit. And the Surkin remix of Low Mode by Goose.

Steamulation - Justice vs Gambit

Low Mode - Goose (Surkin remix)


Steph Mulrine said...

Love that Surkin remix. All too much for me on a Tuesday afternoon.

mortilectro said...

nice that there's a post again :)

Anonymous said...

bout fucking time.

back in my links :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, goose went absolutely off at parklife, up tere with one of the best. they were so good i went out and BOUGHT their album the next day.

cheers for the adds, keep on postin!

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