Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Neon Nights

There's a very good chance, if you read this blog and you live in Sydney, that you frequent Starfuckers on a Saturday night at Club 77. At very least you've heard of it - if you haven't, I would expect you haven't been outside in a very very long time. For the rest of you cats around the world, you may have noticed the infamous club night picking up a slot in Bigstereo's Readers' Poll 2007 as one of the top 9 parties of 2007. And it deserves its place there.

Neon Nights, the first mix by the Starfuckers DJs, is a near perfect representation of what the night is about. Music that spans cutting edge electro, ultra-pop Madonna-and-friends classics, and anything inbetween (seriously); a diverse yet harmonious crowd of flamboyant, curiously dressed, gay, weird, non-pretentious, music loving, excellent kids; and a filthy underground rave atmosphere that can't be replicated anywhere else. The mix itself is as all over the place as you would expect a night there would be. Big club tunes like Exceeder and the D.I.M. remix of Road to Recovery bizarrely collide with I'm Too Sexy and Whitney Houston. And it's great! But like the night itself, words can only go so far to describe. So... check it out! Tracklisting is here.

Starfuckers Disk Junkies - Neon Nights

How about another ace K.I.M track? One of his first productions on his own, and his first 12" release, System Breakdown is still a favourite of mine. I don't think it got as much attention as it should have - it was a bit overshadowed by Wet 'n' Wild, the B-side on the original record which has since become a single itself. It's a quirkily computerised, bouncy tune which wouldn't go astray in an earlier set. Cool stuff. Unfortunately this vinyl rip isn't the best, sorry.

K.I.M - System Breakdown

Still on the theme of favourites, here's a magnificent, delicately worked track by Justin Martin. It's always been my #1 song on inthemix.06, which I highly recommend to anybody who listens to electronic music. I'm surprised Justin isn't a bigger name in his field of techy funky sort of house. Enjoy this wonderful melodic song and take note of the name in case you come across his music some time.

Justin Martin - The Fugitive

And some freshness for good measure: here's a nice hard original from a couple of Sydney new kids on the block, Calling in Sick. I think the pair are showing some real potential, having only been producing since mid December. The keys in this song fondly remind me a lot of ZZZ's track Lion, so straight away I'm enjoying it. Keep an eye on them, I think the next few months should see them develop into pretty cluey music makers. Looks like I was beaten to it by the always excellent Hyperbole and Have Fun Club, but I can deal with that.

Calling in Sick - Ninja Gaiden

Let us know what you think of the Starfuckers mix! And the other tunes for that matter.