Thursday 3 January 2008


I rarely get tracks sent to me that I would consider playing out but these two definitely make the cut and boy, are they great.

Really really into this track by We Are Terrorists who have got a little bit of attention, but no where near as much as they deserve. It's what I like to call epic dirty electro. And you can't tell me it's not. The triumphant progression of this track really interests me. It's not too intense (by French standards) and it although quite dark there is also a playful undertone.

Western Spaghetti - We Are Terrorists

Again, another impressive remix by Soma Soundsystem. It is quite a heavy track, but it has been broken up by some nice house sounding vocals. If you haven't heard their Lion - ZZZ remix check it out in my previous post.

Change The World (Soma Soundsystem's Changed World Remix) - Freako Suave

Just a little one today! More to come tomorrow!


Anonymous said...


I joined Terrorism !!

Anonymous said...

WAT- Western Spaghetti!!

is the first real good track after sebastians editors camera remix ive heard in the last weeks.

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