Sunday, 28 September 2008

Discoteca Psicodelica

Hullo crew. Exciting things are happening at the mo. For one, Tim Sweeney (a la Beats In Space, DFA, RVNG, etc) will be warping the heads of us lucky Aussies in October which I'm seriously convulsing with glee over. It's being put on by HAHA Industries - go investigate, get tickets, and have yourself an experience.

To celebrate in a minutely related way, allow me to continue bombarding you with DFA choonz. The first Syclops one is really really cool, as long as you have a little patience. You will surely enjoy the crazy Soulwaxy distortlounge journey it takes you on. I suppose their stuff is a fair bit more experimental than most other stuff on the label, and it's all really interesting. Go explore! And many of you would probably have the Blues Explosion track from DFA's first remix compilation, but whaaaaatever. A great long jam - shit gets real!

Syclops - The Fly

Blues Explosion - Mars Arizona (DFA Remix)

Ash Le Rouge makes a triumphant albeit brief mixtape return for promotion of a new and stunning looking night, Locodisco, due to start this Friday in Sydney at Nevermind. I gave Ash's last mix, Portals, a pretty unhealthy thrashing for months. No doubt this one awaits the same fate. An impressive blend of genres and a really pleasant spring vibe seals the deal - go listen and then go check out the night. Keep an eye on the comments for a tracklisting when I get one.

Ash Le Rouge - Locodisco Minimix

Very unfortunately, Kiyoshi managed to get in the way of Hurricane Ike, and as a result will remain hidden behind the big stage curtains for a little longer while things settle down. But here are a couple of sneaky thefts from his collections which I lurve. Yummy yummy French housey goodness! The first, by Galactik Knights, is a great example of why excessive use of filters is such a good idea. The second Thony Ritz one you may recognise - a glorious chunky bassline bathing in goose-down-soft vocals. You'll love both! Cyberhugs sent to anyone affected by these shitty storms.

Galactik Knights - With All My Love

Thony Ritz - We'll Rock It

I keep wanting to pop down to Melbourne and check out the nightlife, and this is a pretty major added incentive. Fromage Disco sent by a mix and some edits to promote their parties which are making me all kinds of wet. The mix is serrrious hot disco shit. Like, really. They've got a nice edit of a real fave of mine too, I Can't Go For That, which always brings me back to The Avalanches' Gimix mix in erotic daydreams. If you're down in brisk boring Victoria (hehe), this seems like a pretty good consolation prize. Tracklisting for the mix here.

Fromage - Fromagedisco Vol. 1

Hall and Oats - I Can't Go For That (Fromage Yacht Rock Edit)

I really couldn't resist posting this. So so good, had me cracking up when I first heard it. I never heard the original rips that it's based on, but apparently Hidden Cat has done a great job of replicating the Soulwax remix, wherever it is. Props!

Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat's 'Based on the Soulwax' Edit)



andy said...

Locodisco Tracklisting:

Intro w/ Veronicas Veil (Erol Alkan Edit) - Fan Death
Love Has Come Around (Discolexic Edit) - Donald Byrd
Its All True (Escort Extended Remix) - Tracey Thorn
Neo Violence (Wooly Remix) - The Tough Alliance
Now Til' 69 (Aeroplane Remix) - the shortwave set
Move (Cut Copy Remix) - Cansei De Ser Sexy
The Unconditional Discipline of the Bastard Prince - Volga Select
The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Remix) - Late of the Pier
Roar - Patrice Baumel
Sunglasses at Night (Alter Ego Remix) - Tiga and Zyntherius
Dusk till Dawn (Canyons Garage Disco Remix) - Ladyhawke
Spastik - Plastikman
Mucho Macho - Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix - Dave Lee
Oxygen (After Dark Demo Mix) - Le Rouge ft. Costa Pants
Additional Alpha Blocker - In Flagranti
I Can See You, Can You See Me? (Rex The Dog Club Version) - Rex the Dog
Accidents and Compliments (Nite Version) - Soulwax
Fever - Outrun
Interplanetary Music (Riton Remix) - Mickey Moonlight
Road to Recovery (Acoustopia) - Midnight Juggernauts

Cassiel said...

Damn, good selection, but I thought the "Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band" was awful! like they just took SebastiAn's drums from "Greel" (they have good taste, I agree), added a powerful melody which cannot disappoint then made some poorish cuts into it, like it doesn't add anything, plus the drums are too heavy for such a fly melody. To me it clearly sounds out of place.

I enjoyed far much the ELO's version of it if I remember correctly.

But maybe I'm just a hater.

Peace, Cassiel.

andy said...

ah well. i just found it hilarious! it's like a funk version of stress.

cassiel said...

Here is the explanation! But I don't see very well the connexion between this tune and Stress...

drkhrse said...

Nice hall and oates edit - gonna be playing that in the UK - Brighton & London - thanks guys.

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