Thursday 11 September 2008

Yap Yap Yap

Not feeling overly talkative tonight but I've got another mixed bag here to tip on the floor and wade through. I'll start with a pretty pearl by Matt Hughes, (dare I say it?) popped out by the deep sea funk oyster Outcross Records (sorry). Can't Talk Now is ultra ultra groovy - a good indicator of the rest of Hughes' latest release, The Funk Theory EP. Check out his label buddies, they're all quite excellent.

Matt Hughes - Can't Talk Now

Yes, The Glimmers are excellent. All thanks be to Rvng. Intl. Records for making me take notice again. Esta Si is just so fucking groovy. Like, really. Their Junkie XL remix is equally fab, though with a much darker distorted disco flavour. Just listen and enjoi... Then go scope out the rest of their releases. Something for all seasons.

The Glimmers - Esta Si, Esta No (Asi Me Gusta A Mi)

Junkie XL - Cities In Dust (The Glimmers Remix)

Artwork are totally cool. They've got the whole electrodisco thing going just swell, and I swear they have some Lifelike qualities that make their music a joy on a balmy night. The vocals from the original tracks both kind of irritated me at first, but I'm beginning to swing around the other way, so late round bonus points have to be awarded. Can't wait to hear more!

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Artwork Remix)

IAMX - The Alternative (Artwork Remix)

If I was still a motivated and sociable person, I'd be able to say first hand that Starfuckers is still destroying Sydney saturday nights. Sadly though, being the aging recluse I am, I have to pass on from second/third/(numbers trail off) hand sources that it's still ballistic. Hookie, also enjoying a quarterly Disco Delicious residency, has come up with another mix to represent the notorious drugpop orgy which is as wonderfully bent as usual. He's also jumped into some snazzy producing too which is cool to see! Grab the Cradle of Rave tracklist here.

Hookie - Cradle of Rave

Hookie - Get the Better of Me

In anticipation of the hopefully scorching summer that's around the corner, I figure I might as well keep milking the classic track attempted revivals. I'm really going through a phase here, I hope it's not putting anybody off. Anyway, this made me go crazy in summer 05/06 and still works its ass off now. You love it!

New Order - Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont 2nd Remix)

Fuck, I hope some more shitty rips of Soulwax's MGMT remix show up. HYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE~


Asian Dan said...

I know I hate that everyone is posting a shitty rip of the MGMT x Soulwax remix and then encoding at 320.

Anonymous said...

i love this phase your going through!

Banana said...


top tunes. cheers

Anonymous said...

have you heard matt hughe's don't cry? OMG! so good! i'm posting it tomorrow. or something.

makes my life...

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