Tuesday 30 September 2008

French Housewarming (Warming House)

Got a busy week ahead so I'll get this out of the way now!

Let's all take a slow deep breath and relax a little for just a moment: I have a few warm-smile house delights to share with you lovely people. You could probably throw a suit on (tie optional) and go have a dignified dance somewhere sophisticated to these puppies. Your shoes might even still look wearable the next day! Man i hate getting clubshoe.

Enough banter. More new goodies just out on the fabulously excellent(ly awesomely...) Us Two Music. Man I love this label. No doubt it's going to burst at the seams very shortly and people will be going nuts over it. The Dynamic Rockers Remix of Wize is a gorgeous discofunkhouse strings mover - like the meeting of 77 Strings and the bassline from Burnin'. Matt Turner's latest is a super uplifting summer vocal track which, hearing it in a relaxed outdoor club, would complete my life. Seriously get into this label before everyone else does. Then you can brag to all your electro-turned-discohouse scenester friends that you knew U2M when it was underground. Worth picking these up in 320 on Beatport!

Wize - Exhibition (Dynamic Rockers Remix)

Matt Turner - Never Say

Love my old Hed Kandi comps. Haven't really paid any attention since around when they were bought out by MoS, so not sure what they're like now, but there are plenty of gems in days before. The relaunch of Nu Cool was a really great album full of very interesting house(?) (you'd be really stretching to call some house) tracks. Es Vive/Base Bar Ibiza '05 was another random one I picked up after seeing it had a Seamus Haji track, who I had a bit of a crush on at the time. Anyway these two tracks are from both albums respectively. Both just great summer party house - though I could really do without the vocals in Wanna Get Wet.

Liquid People - Ice Cream Parlour

Soul Mechanic - Wanna Get Wet

To change the vibe a little: I grabbed Hot Chip's latest remixes single, Hold On / Touch Too Much. The Switch LA remix has been thrown around a bit, but the others on the release are deffers top tunes. Generally pretty laid back stuff. the Mock & Toof mix glides along the song's magnificent bassline with lots of pretty sounds and effects along the way. Listen to this one in a hammock. Ewan Pearson's remix is a scrape more upbeat but still an array of nice instruments dancing around the original progression. Actually all music should be listened to in hammocks.

Hot Chip - Hold On (Mock & Toof Remix)

Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Ewan Pearson Remix)

Clearly Falke is one of the biggest fail safe artists around at the moment. It seems like he churns out new remixes on a daily basis and never is there any drop in quality. Just really solid stuff. This one is no different. Do I need to say more? Check out Melbourne locals City Life though, they seem to be attracting some big names.

Citylife - San Francisco feat. DD (Fred Falke Remix)

Black sheep bonus track! It doesn't really fit in with all this, but I've been listening to it a fair bit and I really dig it. Certainly more subdued than his overly crazy LA remix, this is a groovier Switch which probably has a wider appeal. God I love that bassline!

Hot Chip - Hold On (Switch LDN Remix)

Have a good week dear friends!