Friday 7 November 2008

Cosmic Cosmosis

Hey gang. To begin with, I'd like to put out a bit of a squeal for help. I'm going to South America from mid December til the end of Feb and was wondering if anybody in the area would be able to help me get a gig in either Bariloche, Buenos Aires, or Rio during Carnaval... Just thought it'd be a load of fun to have a spin while I'm over there, but I can't say I have too many South American contacts :\ any help would be greatly appreciated! (send me an email)

In other news, Cosmo Vitelli hits Sydney on Friday night and I'm seriously excited! To celebrate I've got some glorious tracks to hand out. Cosmo doesn't need much of an introduction - a really forward thinking producer who's been around the track and has built up a varied repertoire of sensational tunes. Currently I'm giving some of his remixes a good bashing. His more recent mix of Hotdog (featured on Sample and Hold) is killer. A nice muddy disco jam. His Yuksek mix is several shades darker and thumps along with a slight yet funky hint of something industrial. CANNOT wait to see him! More info.

Simian Mobile Disco - Hotdog (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Yuksek - Everywhere In Town (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Cosmo's label, I'm a Cliche, is just as superfab and I can't count how many times I've seen it refered to as the European answer to DFA. Probably not far off. The latest release by ENTERTAINMENT is fuckin cool! Big sexy bass cooljive complete with chocolate vocals and Herbie Hancock 'Rockit' synths. Actually come to think of it, the bassline is damn close to it. No wonder I love it! Bot'Ox - one part Cosmo, one part Julien Briffaz - are something a bit different from Mr. Vitelli, but equally quality. Have a look back on the blog for Babylon By Car, if it's still up.. Grand Central is a pretty little number. And I'll throw in an old SMD track from their 2004 release on the very same label. If you haven't heard it, it may not be what you expect!


Bot'Ox - Grand Central

Simian Mobile Disco - Upside Down

Also popping its head out of the record box, but with no relation to CV and the gang, is another guy I stumbled across with thanks to Tim Sweeney (not going to stop spurting drooling love rants about him for a while yet) who resides on the fantastico Permanent Vacation label. Lullabies In The Dark is one half of Aeroplane, so instant cred is given, but further listening proves within a shadow of a doubt he's pretty swish. Have a look. Also been listening to a lot of Pilooski and stuff on Dirty Edits, which is all brill. This one is a particular fave of mine - a really tight funky wakka-wakka guitar burrrrning disco.

Lullabies In The Dark - Code 7429

Octet - Euro vs Dollar (Pilooski Edit)

See you at Cosmo (yes?)


Jax said...

fuck you andy webb
plan to leave the country and not tell me.. its over

Anonymous said...

great post but it's on tonight dude..

andy webb said...

shit really?

:\ one of my finest blunders.


x said...

i wish we knew someone in those cities! western europe or big american city & you'd be set :D

well, you should just walk in and setup and do it unannounced.

Saint Malo said...

Yeah pilooooskiiii

Anonymous said...

hi i'm from mexico
i use to read your blog
now i'm in south america and i've just been in the cities you've mentioned. bariloche is quite beautiful but so full of tourists i got bored after 4 days there. buenos aires is full of different clubs for differen people, a must are the zizek nights at the niceto club, sure you'll love it. right now i'm in santiago and i think i've enjoyed this city more than any other capital here (haven't been to rio yet). there are some good parties hosted by a blog called i've been to 2 parties of these people and it's a lot of fun. the last one thei invited a band to play whic was also cool, kinda latin lofi-electro-punk with various combinations of sounds and rhythms check them at (check track "la mistica espiral", an instant classic). next week i'm gonna check fredi michel (, they also sound quite unique and rare for my northern ears i think. well hope my info kinda help you a bit. bye


Anonymous said...

I will give you a million dollars if you post more old Simian Mobile Disco songs.