Wednesday 12 November 2008

Casual Wednesday

Hey everyone. Tell me something interesting. I like hearing interesting stuff. Did you know owls are the only bird that can see the colour blue? Anyway, I'm going to keep using my weekend plans as post material, so cop a couple of Joakim tracks. He's playing at the Civic on Friday which I'm really keen for! Electro's favourite French Fry, Joakim has (obviously) been on the scene for yonks and is completely awesome. Check these out - the first is a remix by Tim Goldsworthy of DFA, which you clearly can't go past, and the second (thanks VoulesRandom) is off his recently released remixes album, which is well worth a purchase! He's an extremely versatile producer and I wouldn't ever want to pin him down to even 3 genres. I didn't say electro before, shut up. Hit it up on Friday if you're a Sydneysider.

Joakim - Lonely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix)

Tiga - Pleasure From The Bass (Joakim Remix)

I still can't stop listening to this Tracey Thorn track since it was introduced to me by Ash Le Rouge's Locodisco mix a month or two ago. It's the definition of gorgeous. Escort, an extremely cool sixteen piece band, really pulled this off in a beautiful way, creating a sparkling and uplifting groovy musical bed underneath Tracey's orgasmic voice. Just about perfect. Speaking of sparkling, this Ian Preece track really caught my ear for the very same reason. Extremely funky disco, that's all that needs to be said :)

Tracey Thorn - It's All True (Escort Extended Remix)

Ian Preece - Superfuzz (Disco Mix)

Any excuse to rattle on about DFA some more is a good one. But, I don't actually have an excuse today. Again, shut up. These three epic jams pretty much exemplify the whole DFA 'thing', methinks. The Black Leotard Front track is apparently by some sort of art/dance troupe who only ever recorded this one song to be used on stage. Or something. I have a feeling they had a LOT of help from James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy... Either way, it's 15 epic minutes of TOTAL DFA odyssey, with trademark hip bassline and silly vocals. The LCD Soundsystem mix is another grand jam affair, mashing together disco, punk, indie, funk and electro into the label's familiar wacky eclectic style. As a bonus, here's a nice and refreshingly different mix of the Holy Ghost! superhit. A bit more upbeat and easy going, I reckon it's a really cool (for lack of a less lame term) funkification.

Black Leotard Front - Casual Friday

LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Pretentious Mix)

Holy Ghost! - Hold On (Mix 3)

Did you know giraffes can go longer without water than camels? Defs my preferred mode of desert transport.


PleasureCruise said...

the holy ghost track ends abruptly...WTF?

andy webb said...

AAAAAAAAA don't know why these uploads are cutting short.. i'll fix it. any others?


GNG said...

the owls are not what they seem

Unknown said...

Just wanna say thanks for all the awesome tunes and for all the work you put into this site. I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA so I would probably never hear a good chunk of these tracks if it weren't for you. Cheers!

PleasureCruise said...

track is all good! thanks for re-uping and sharing this AWESOME version!

Anonymous said...

great tracks. Ian Preece super fuzz and Tracey Thorn is wicked!

No-Ć«llk said...

holy ghost are wondrous.

Anonymous said...

I know what you did last night

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

haha well thanks for the credit although i think i stole it from someone else as well :) nice list!