Wednesday 17 December 2008

Discoteca Authentica

My last morning in Sydney for 10 weeks! Crazy. I've got the BARE bones of 10 more posts ready to flesh out and post while I'm in South Amerry, so with any luck nobody will go hungry. Although if my ipod gets lost/stolen there's a good chance I won't have any idea what I'm talking about with half of the tracks, so let's hope that doesn't happen! There's a lot of stuff being heaved out from the vault since I can't really be finding new music, but I think it should all be pretty decent! Anyway.....

Super authentic funky disco from France! Arpadys' self titled 1977 release seems to be the only thing these guys put out under this name, but it's HOT. A couple of their songs remind me of Space a bit, though maybe a touch less spacey. Monkey Star in particular makes me think of them. Stone Roller does a bit too, but with a bit more funkfunk. PS, man this Space video rocks.

Arpadys - Monkey Star

Arpadys - Stone Roller

Arpadys - Meteor One

Be cool kids this summer/winter! Details of my escapades will be on offer for those who wish to feign interest.