Wednesday 3 December 2008


Have to keep this short, too much to dooooo!

In Flagranti must be seriously busy guys. Keep seeing new things popping up all the time - it's swell. This Act Yo Age remix in particular is one of my favourite things of theirs I've heard lately. Solid solid solid bassline groove. So solid. A FlagrantiHunt also sent me in the direction of Ajello, a couple of Italian guys making some interesting music on a predominantly techy label. See what you think.

Act Yo Age - La Fumo Loco (In Flagranti Remix)

Ajello - Dolphy (In Flagranti Re-Edit)

Love Mock & Toof. Really. This is one of the nicest songs I've heard lately. A lovely spacey disco cruise with some very pretty production. And this Pilooski edit has dominated my stereo for quite a while now, I've only just worked up the courage to post it. How outlandish! Seriously it's quite sensational, Pilooski is just stupidly good.

Mock & Toof - Zomby Disco

Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski Edit)

I'll have a top 10 of '08 up within the week to make sure it's out of the way before I go get South Americanised. Tata.


Anonymous said...

i love it!

i know the feeling of being overwhelmed, but i have some killer stuff coming!

justin reed said...

second that Pilooski emotion...this edit is brilliant!

thanks for keeping it real


Anonymous said...

1000 readers, congrats!
loving in flagranti :)

jerome green said...

Hi Andy,

Can never have enough In Flagranti. Can never have enough of their 12" cover photos either! Thanks for posting all this groovy stuff. Dirty Edits v1 & v2 are superb.

Peace, Jerome

Anonymous said...

Yea! Mock & Toof, lovely!

Unknown said...

Golden Bug - Look Look Look (In Flagranti Remix)

I bet you will like that one!

-JohnB said...

Pilooski did a cracking job on all the edits I heard from him. About 5 in total now I think. Maybe 4. The Pointer Sisters one he did is also ace.

Anonymous said...

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