Tuesday 9 December 2008

Venez-Vous Ici Souvent?

I have been absent for far too long.
I'll try to not let it happen again!
Let's get started...

This track by Live Element is a simple, care-free groove riding on a wave of French filter:

Live Element - Be Free

Roy Rogers delivers an often missed French house gem from yesteryear (2001):

Roy Rogers - Graceland

With a crazy, pornographic breakdown, Australia's own A.D.A.M. BABY! (A Disco Ate My Baby) dishes out a super chic track with vocals you wish your girlfriend had:

A.D.A.M. BABY! - Hi Beam Baby

In a classic French house style, Nicolas Vallée offers up a great track with wobbly synths and epic swooshes (that's how I'd describe it!):

Nicolas Vallée - New New York

Tube & Berger only had one hit song, but it was a doozy. This extended version gives you the satisfying vocals while sticking around long enough to give you a satisfactory amount of that quirky melody before the track ends:

Tube & Berger - Straight Ahead (Extended Version)

By FAR one of my favorite disco house tracks. This Les Rythmes Digitales remix of Chili Hifly (very little produced) has you so entranced with the looped vocals that you're taken aback when the breakdown hits. If you didn't flip out around 4'40", seek help:

Chili Hifly - Is It Love (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)

Ladyhawke is hot enough as is, but an Alex Gopher remix gives this track the bitchy, distorted overhaul it needs to get worked up. I know you shake about in sync when the vocals get cut up & looped - don't lie:

Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Alex Gopher Remix)

A little out in left field, Magazine 60 created an intoxicating melody with wacky vocals way back when (1981). With strange telephone ringing sounds, ridiculous breakdowns, and spectacular 80s synth lines, this is a classic. Is it too weird to enjoy? No señor! Amazingly, these guys are actually French:

Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte

Though it takes about 700 hours to get up and moving, Playmaker & Stonebridge & Axwell work together to make a super smooth house tune. Sure, it doesn't really go anywhere - but with so many layered instruments and classic disco house production styles (come on, they're all Swedish), you won't care. Those high piano notes coupled with echoed vocals make this a classic house track from a time long forgotten (2003):

Playmaker - Black Pony (Stonebridge & Axwell Ecstasy Mix)

Today's post was mostly a journey through outdated French house from the early 2000s - but wasn't it nice to remember? There's so many interesting things happening in music today, yet so much forgotten and missed from a few years ago. Did you get your healthy dose of filter house?


Anonymous said...

wonderful post!

dog star man said...

Killer post man!

Anonymous said...

amazing post!
glad that people like you likes "black pony"! loved that song for a long looong time and still lovin it! i agree: classic house track!
thanks! :)

if wanna hear my music:

have fun!

Anonymous said...

this is a pretty average post.
actually its shit compared to andys posts

x said...

Thanks for being a jerk, I'll just have to make a better post next time for you

Anonymous said...

Tube & Berger has some sweet tracks

Unknown said...

Wow, what a jerk.

Spaceman Spiff said...

kiyoshi that is one of your best posts yet....

wow i bow down!

x said...

it's not the best, it was just reminiscent - i've got something crazy for next week!

Anonymous said...

The track "Roy Rogers - Graceland" is named "Thomas Bangalter - Graceland" in Hype Machine.

Please verify id tags before posting.


Anonymous said...

Who is that Goddess?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Thanks very much.

falco said...

ay man, did it again. i'm here just on a random morning's blog crawl once more. came here for straight ahead n left with the works, cheers ;P

Josh Hubi said...


mmjiaxin said...
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