Wednesday 6 May 2009

Hidden Favourites

Boy do I have a burner of a post for you lucky cats! I spent a while rummaging around for older or less obvious stuff by some of my favourite artists and came up with some absolute rippers! This Zongamin track is a prime place to start - jam packed with his signature quirk and cute bass sound. Plenty of different little sections and motifs popping up in this bad boy, it's a bit of an odyssey really considering it's only a 5 minute song. So badly want to uncover more of these Zonga-gems.

Zongamin - Tunnel Music

Pilooski could edit a piece of dog shit into a solid gold bar. Not that the songs he edits are ever bad to begin with but that's how I'd measure his talent. And there's so much of his stuff floating around you can always find something new if you've got the patience to look. These two tunes aren't particularly well hidden or anything but they're new to me so I figured I'd share. He's done a great job of turning Who Loves You into an absolute disco steam train, giving it some beefy biceps. The Nina Simone tune is from one of the old Verve Remixed albums. I really can't understand why I never got any of them during my big jazz obsession a few years ago, but better late than never. Both big big tunes, both awesome.

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons - Who Loves You (Pilooski Re-Edit)

Nina Simone - Take Care of Business (Pilooski Remix)

Mock & Toof's unique brand of buoyant semi-psychedelic disco has had me frothing since day one. Here we see three perfect specimens which will stand as proof why. Big Hands is a typical strutty disco number of theirs which I must have missed a while back, super super groovy. This amazing dub version of Underwater, already a big fave of mine, is a totally sublime nautical jam sesh that makes me want to whack off a sea cucumber. And I really love the way they've dressed Hot Chip up in a spooky little halloween outfit for some excellent october clubbing. I'm still convinced they're some of the cleverest producers around at the moment.

Mock & Toof - Big Hands For A Lady

Mock & Toof - Underwater (Alternative Dub Version)

Hot Chip - Over and Over (Mock & Toof Dub Mix)

Was really enjoying listening to Rub-N-Tug's latest appearance on Beats In Space and it reminded me of their LCD Soundsystem remix which I'd completely forgotten about. Too Much Love is probably my favourite LCD track and I really like the way they've twisted it and made it a few shades darker. I've been struggling to find a good quality version of the extended disco dub of Beat Connection and haven't had much luck. I guess being the first LCD single I'm not really sure how good the quality should actually be, but hope this one is acceptable. And the live version of Us vs Them is far beyond acceptable. I cannot believe I've never had the chance to see James and his merry men in the flesh! Brilliant stuff.

LCD Soundsystem - Too Much Love (Rub-N-Tug Remix)

LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection (Extended Disco Dub)

LCD Soundsystem - Us vs Them (Live on KCRW)

Finally, Le Rouge (the artist formerly known as Ash Le Rouge) and Neil Up are starting up a new night in Sydney called Late Notice which you need to go to if you want to keep your friends. Aside from said founders, the bill also features 77 heartthrobs Sunday School and ex-DD famed Trentertainment. Best ever. Yum yum yum listen to Ash's latest mix for the night and his fun Lost Valentinos remix, then start crossing off the days until friday. It's downstairs at the Gaff on Oxford St. Inspect the flyer for all the deets. GO.

Ash Le Rouge - Lil' A Mix

Lost Valentinos - Midnights (Le Rouge & Serge's 'Happy Hacienda' Remix)

Has anyone else tried these fancy new sour apple tic tacs? My tongue is so sore after eating two packets today, way too addictive.


bennett said...

That Franki Vali edit really gets going toward the end, i like it... thought I had all the Pilooski edits too, but this one is tops. Otherwise, awesome post.

crotchbat said...

bennett beat me to the punch - that frankie valli edit is somethin' special. thanks for the post!

andy webb said...

there are still a few more pilooski edits and remixes i found which i hadn't heard of, i'll probs drip those out over the next few weeks.

here's the tracklisting for Ash's mix:

1. Ghostpower (Le Rouge Edit) - Run DMC
2. Stop the Taxi - Lonzine Wright
3. Overtime - Tiga
4. Painless - Zongamin
5. Saphire (Escort Remix) - AE Paterra
6. Teachers (Extended Version) - Daft Punk
7. The Big Fake - Traffic Signs
8. Drivetime - Shadowdancer
9. 1000 Year Storm - Rude 66
10. Erland - Ted & Francis
11. No Static - Bottin
12. Naive Melody - Talking Heads
13. Cold Youth - Cut Copy
14. Paris (Aeroplane Remix) - Friendly Fires
15. The Flash (Ash Le Rouge Remix) - Act Yo Age
16. Brash & Vulgar - In Flagranti
17. Good Life - Inner City
18. Acid Life (909 Dub) (Le Rouge Short Edit) - Nacho Lovers
19. Crawfish (Pilooski Edit) - Elvis Presley
20. Never Going Back Again (Tom Croose Edit) - Fleetwood Mac

Anonymous said...

HI, i really like ur style so i have took you on my fav'

Colin said...

Frankie Valli track = amazing.
Can't stop listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Sour apple tic tacs are the bomb...
Oh yeah and the franki edit is the shiz too

Paul B said...

the zongamin track has been a fave of mine for a few years - I forget about it and rediscover it regularly - that album has another wobbly as f*ck track on it that I've scared a few dancefloors with and rock others to death. Great blog man keep it up

benjimite said...

Nothin but quality from you as usual Webbslinger

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Anonymous said...
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I just love them! The Nina Simone track is my favorite.

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Usama shaikh said...

The other track on the record. Killer disco sounds with an Emperor twist. Ungagged

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