Friday 1 May 2009

Not Worth Giving This A Title

Sorry folks, it's been a pretty uninspiring week. Haven't really come across anything that's rocked my boat... The new In Flagranti album was officially released which is good news for all - go forth and buy buy buy! Rock solid from the duo and, as expected, the more listens the better it gets. For me though, I find most of the songs aren't as good when taken out of the context of the album - which says good things about the album but isn't too handy for blogging. See if this works for you but whatever the outcome, grab the album anyway :)

In Flagranti - Svelte Blonde

Permanent Vacation, probably my favourite label, also released a really nice selection of past releases during the week: Selected Label Works No. 1. Plenty of beautiful old faves here - Lullabies In The Dark, Todd Terje, Junior Boys, Holy Ghost!, Woolfy ee tea sea. I've posted the Superpitcher remix of Iridium before and had to take it down, so just check out a 160 version of it then go grab it off Beatport or somewhere, along with the rest of the release. This track is just perfect. Stunning dreamy epic balearia, if I'm allowed to make that word up.

Lullabies In The Dark - Iridium (Superpitcher Remix)

Woah, until this very moment I had no idea Space were still making records! Can someone confirm that any of their stuff on Nang Records is actually new? I had no idea these crazy old Frenchies made it past the early 80s - and listening to these new tracks it seriously doesn't sound like they ever did. For those of you who aren't familiar with the band, they're responsible for possibly the greatest video clip ever. Be careful, it's some pretty high tech shit and contains some pretty questionable instrument playing and dance moves. I'm way too confused about their listings on Beatport and whatever else I can find so instead of being riskay I'll post something I KNOW is old. Space are fun.

Space - Tango In Space

Serge Santiago and Hardrock Striker have a new little 12" out, and I don't really like it that much. What's the deal? Nice production and all but just seems a bit boring to me. Maybe I'm not digging deep enough but I'm not nearly as excited by it as I am his older tunes. I have so much love for SS but recently his stuff have been a little hit and miss for me. Snap up these classic reworkings which have a nice retro disco air. Solid.

Kano - It's A War (Serge Santiago UK Re-Edit)

Serge Santiago - Black Jack (Alternative Mix)

Yeah I really don't have anything else worth sharing. This Sunday, disco enterprise Picnic are hosting a warehouse BBQ/danceathon in St Peters with a list of Sydney's finest turntable operators - Mark Murphy, Spruce Lee, Kato, Disco Not Disco AND SO ON. Can't recommend this enough. Gogogogogo!

Will hopefully return next week with some decent fresh music.


dario.zg said...

My favourite is (of course)

Kano - It's a war (SS UK re-edit)

I just love Kano's It's a war...Cool!

Dom Terrace said...

The Kano track is HUGE! I've been looking for this for years (didn't know what it was) ever since I heard it in Desyn Masiello's Essential Mix - October 3, 2004. Thank you, thank you, thank you. In hindsight, I suppose I could have just checked the tracklist.


tim said...

Careful, you're fast becoming my favourite blog in the blogosphere

Kalen said...

have had iridium on repeat for a week. absolutely perfect.

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