Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Trudging On

Back to business as usual. I've been listening to this one tune in particular after I found I'd kinda missed it on a record i bought a while ago. Which seems to happen a lot... I'm the worst listener. It's by Stratus and features on Eskimo's fab Cosmic Balearic Beats collection (of which I hear there is another on the way!) which has some groovy beatage from In Flagranti, Lullabies In The Dark, Phoreski, Bottin etc etc. You may find this track drags on a bit, or you may not. For me it's just sublime the moment the bassline surges in - it's so easy to get lost in the dreamy galactic synths. Hope you dig it!

Stratus - Footprints

The remixes of The Plot keep rolling in, and despite my disappointment with WhoMadeWho's second effort in the studio, I'm constantly impressed with the numerous offspring that have been popped out as a result of late night motel encounters with various producers. The surprisingly un-quirky Discodeine mix, Lutzenkirchen's dark techno rumbler, and Noze's beautifully crafted dreamy version have all really done it for me. Now I'm listening to the Muzzle Flash remix a fair bit and I'm quite enjoying it's sneaky upbeat vibe. The chorus is especially great! Although for me the album was a letdown, perhaps this shows that with a bit of outside help the songs can be turned into something pretty spesh!

WhoMadeWho - The Plot (Muzzle Flash Remix)

Speaking of Noze, I found this track from quite a while ago in amongst things which AGAIN I think I missed. Something a bit different to what I'd usually post, but it's fun and happy and cool and I like it. Can't think of a fifth reason. Cop it!

Noze - Remember Love

Every Disco Deviance record I've bought has been a screamer. Probably my favourite track I've heard is Boogie Corporation's fantastic edit/remix/whatever you'd call it of The Clash's Magnificent Seven (or to be more correct, the dub of it called Magnificent Dance.) Actually it's a total, barely recognisable makeover - the bassline is about the same, and maybe slices of the percussion, that's it. Whatever, it's brilliant! Dazzling string disco with fresh new production elements which, overall, can't be disliked.

Disco Deviance - Magnificent Disco (BC Edit)

As an aside, Sydney pals Generic Podcast are going to be running nights in the coming months and building an empire of irony, have a peeky and get in the loop early. They know what they're doing.


Unknown said...

hey andy - i'm lovin' footprints!! hope all's well with you. thanks for the song

Anonymous said...

Tnx alot for the Disco Deviance track, is it possible to post some more track with em ?

Anonymous said...

Really love all the 4 tracks. Very very good stuff and perfect for a night escape under the neon lights. Thanks for this and keep up feeding our daily dreams

Anonymous said...

very nice blog! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Have been following this blog since I found it....went all the way back to 2007 to get all those good summer grooves...

What I especially love are the pics you chose for each posst and which led me on to the awesome hobogestapo website....u know of any others like it?

ADSO said...

It sucks that you don't like WMW's new album, I love it. Do you know why they didn't inlcude Swedish Meatballs? Seeing as I got it from you. I reckon it would've been one of the highlights on the album.

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