Thursday 9 July 2009

Gone In 4 Seconds

Gotta be quick, too busy having a good time nup north. The Les Edits Du Golem records have some pretty snazzy material on them. Some big misses, but some even bigger hits. This is one of my faves, slow classic boofy locomotive disco. Totally worth getting your hands on the records, there are some real gems in here.

Les Edits Du Golem - Chico [buy]

Runaway and Mugwump packaged in a song - I like it. A lot. Deep grooving dark house, this one is a heavy mover.

Mugwump - Tellakian Circles (Runaway Remix) [buy]

Thanks to my friend Rolfski for turning me onto this one. Incredibly cool twisted nu disco, it grooves ridiculously hard. Obscenely. Impossibly. Every time I listen to this it multiplies in awesomeness, it's so good getting wrapped up tightly in its beautiful sounds and funky rhythms. Absolute winner, Luke Vibert.

Luke Vibert - Disco Nasty [buy]

Great tunes from an old Harvey Sarcastic Disco mix which I've been thrashing for a month or so. Not sure why but I feel quite certain I've known these tracks for a long time. Wouldn't have a clue where though. They've got 'classic' written alllll over them. Vast difference in tempo but both dreamy and chilling in their own ways.

Double - Woman of the World (Long Instrumental Version)

Claudja Barry - Love For the Sake of Love (Extended Version)



rolfski said...

Nice to see my Luke Vibert recommendation posted :-)
More great underground disco stuff can be found at:

Cheers, Rolfski

Anonymous said...

"Like one third of the Earth's population (and roughly 80% of Sydney's) I'm a young male DJ and blogger. I'm also a drummer, I have a meaningless degree in audio engineering and I love coffee and spicy food, although not at the same time. When I started Disco Delish I never intended for anybody to actually read it and don't have a clue how or why I managed to keep it up until anybody took notice. But it's been unbelievably fun and there's such a colossal amount of music I would have missed out on without it"
the disco outcast mix is gooooooooooood. spicy food and coffee at the same gooooooooooood. disco is............ alright.

uk massiv.

Kid Who said...

awesome blog! thanks for these, pass thru when u get the chance!

big ups!!

sammyjenkins said...

holy fuck, i always thought that montell jordan song 'get it on tonite' had an awesome production, but now, thanks to your blog i can see that it was just blatantly stolen from claudja barry!

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