Tuesday 21 July 2009


The latest Mindless Boogie release contains 3 edits done by Rove Dogs, who I'm excited to say is brand new to me. This first track is a bit more dance floor-ish than I'd expect to hear from something on MB, which is also a welcome surprise. A few sequencers fluttering around, some muted guitar and some deep, throaty (hehehe) bass really give this tune a big rhythmic boost and turn it into a bit of a party jam. Bonus points for vocals by Sting. You really can't expect anything less than total quality from Mindless Boogie and they've certainly delivered here. The rest of the record is more downtempo rocky, and equally good.

Rove Dogs - Why Don't You Dub [buy]

This isn't completely new but I only found out about it a week or two ago and nearly pissed my pants. How long is Mylo going to tease his anxious fans before another album drops? Much longer than I want to wait, I expect. This is just delightfully uplifting music, albeit too short. Tick tock, tick tock...

Mylo - Macrobiotic

Lindstrom has just released a two track 12", Leftovers EP, which is as solid as anything else he's done in my opinion. The Magnificent is more dancey and firey than usual - it's great to hear a different side of his production, with four to the floor beats and repetitive grooves being paired with his regular melodic style and bright sound. Would love to see how this one performs in the club!

Lindstrom - The Magnificent [buy]

Found these two tracks on a really nice compilation called Computer Incarnations for World Peace Vol. 2. It's mostly all very calming warm electronic music which, predictably, insues a feeling of peace and tranquility. Some of it is a bit cheesy, but all up it's a nice little album experience. This Maurice Fulton remix sticks out a bit from the rest as a chunky piece of funk bass exhibition which breaks out into a great cosmic intermission of dreamy synths. I'll admit the main reason I was drawn to the Al Usher track is through discovering that DJ Harvey plays it, but the more I try and get into it the more it opens up and becomes more beautiful. In a word, this song is remarkably pleasant.

Rollmottle - Take A Break (Maurice Fulton Remix) [buy]

Al Usher - Lullaby for Robert [buy]

Have been busy doing all sorts of cool things but I'll try to update a tiny bit more often than I have been.


Joe said...

Another excellent post andy. Good work, keep it up.

sammyjenkins said...

that maurice fulton remix reminds me a bit of 'all woman' by kathy diamond, which was of course produced by maurice fulton

the naked sketch said...

Hello, let me say thanks for all the gems here ! First time here quite randomly and can't leave the place. Great blog !

ponytail nights said...

Thanks, again.

I recommend you go out and get all of Al Usher's work, including his remix of "Black and Gold" and, together with Ewan, "Entropy Reigns" (not to mention their collab "Partial Arts").

Go, now, get it.

Also, posts some of the fine songs you've recieved from ssheywood...

justin reed said...

thanks for posting lullaby for robert, an old favorite of mine when i was just starting to collect midtempo grooves...beautiful is the word! the other two tracks on that ep are tight too.

Anonymous said...

Mate much love from london, been downloading for a while now and loving the blog. Keep kicking that kick..


Anonymous said...

Mylo knows good foreplay.
I caaaan't wait for the album either!


thomas said...

Rove Dogs is The man! He's been around for a while now (at least here in Paris...)
Check his mixes, very imaginative!


Love him!!

Anonymous said...

the rove dogs edit is this song.. if you didn't know


thanks for sharing

the music on the blog is great

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