Wednesday 15 July 2009

Not Sure

Back to it. Only discovered the C.O.M.B.i. edits series the other day thanks to oki-ni, a fantastic online store with some real musical gems. They're small batch Japanese releases of crazy good disco edits created by Eric Duncan of Rub-N-Tug and Still Going. These super rare mini-labels are both a frustration and an excitement - if you're not quick you'll be looking at paying silly sums of money to catch up on what you missed, but if you're on the ball you can fill your record box with lethal weapons that nobody else has. This massive 'powerful soul woman who will crush your balls with a stiletto heel' track is just a portion of what these awesome records have to offer. Try and track them down!

C.O.M.B.i. - No Give Up [buy]

Another tune gratefully leeched from Sci-Fi Pogo - killer edit of The Who by Italians The Love Supreme. This really builds up steam and glows red hot over a simple and irresistible groove. There's not a whole lot to commentate here.. It just fucking rules.

The Who - Eminence Front (The Love Supreme Edit)

This was in the Disco Rock Delight mixtape a few posts ago but deserves a mention on its own for being supa cool. Was so excited to come across this after being on the hunt for a while (Rub-N-Tug played it during their most recent Beats In Space visit, instantly began the search.) Quite simply, it's a funky disco version of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. And, also quite simply, it rocks. Bravo, Champ's Boy Orchestra, whoever you were. The record on which I found it, Disco Supreme Volume One, is also pretty toasty.

Champ's Boy Orchestra - Tubular Bells (Cosmic Mix) [buy]

Last and perhaps least is this classic chunky disco number which, in my humble opinion, wouldn't be hurt if some of the overbearing vocals went missing. An instrumental of this bad boy would be so fierce. Anywho, take it or leave it.

Don Armado's 2nd Ave. Rhumba Band feat. Fonda Rae - Deputy of Love