Monday 10 August 2009

Welcome, Summer

For aaaages I've wanted to do a little Disco Delicious night, at least just a one off thing. It's really hard to find great disco with a bit of a nu edge in Sydney, aside from at Picnic nights, and I'd really love to have a party where there's no compromise with the music policy - just totally top shelf boutique disco. It's still just an idea, but if anybody could offer some tips, info, help, input, whatever- I'd appreciate it. How many of you peeps would come? Promise it would be fun :)

OK MUSIC TIME. LICKING MY LIPS. I find Bob Marley covers tend to be very hit and miss.. This one on D-Classics is right in the center of the target. This red hot big jazz band rendition is stupidly tight and funky. Summer is finally starting to waft under my nose in Sydney - with temperatures beginning to leave the winter brackets - and these tunes are really helping me to get in the banana lounge mood.

The Chequers - Get Up Differently (German Version) [buy]

Lovefingers is all kinds of fantastic, that's no lie. I've been loving the Black Disco series but had never heard the first volume until a few days ago, which features this stunning low-mid tempo Hawaiian shirt hangout tune. Give me a pineapple filled with some kind of tasty alcohol and some ember orange sunlight to bask in, crank this up and await heaven. Ice cool and toasty warm at the same time, this is a huge winner. Check out the rest of the series too if you haven't already, the Soft Rocks' latest offering is top shelf too.

Sammy Barbot - Mexico (Lovefingers' Barrio Edit)

More balcony/beachside goodness here, but with a different flavour - dreamy drifting house from Eddie C out on Jiscomusic. Never in a rush, this song just grooves along at a leisurely pace without a hint of stress. The soothing vocals just get you floating away. Wait for the last section of the song where a big jazzy groove, still laid back, suddenly kicks in and rides on out for the last couple of minutes. Bliss!

Eddie C - You're Welcome [buy]

Luke Vibert's new album We Hear You was released the other day. I had huge expectations. They were shattered, in a bad way. Not that the production isn't overwhelmingly good, which it is, but the whole hip hop influenced electronic music thing (or 'trip hop' as some of you rogue youths have been calling it) really doesn't whip my cream. So instead here's an old 2004 track off one of his other albums, under his Kerrier District alias. Disco influenced electronic music - that's a sound i can go for! All nice fun, bright stuff.

Kerrier District - Illogan

Loud Minority Radio have still been keeping busy and have just released a nice edit of The Clash's ultra groovy disco punk classic The Magnificent Seven. Added a little bit of glitter, a bit of beef to the bass.. And is just generally better for the club. Check out their other recent stuff on their SoundCloud page.

The Clash - The Magnificent Seven (LMR Re-Ride)

Let the BBQ season commence.


Martin said...

I would sure take the overnight flight from London to listen to that kind of auditive caviar. I love your blog, and have myself been dreaming of a nu disco night for a while now.
Where do you find all these great tunes by the way? And do you mix yourself?

Gracie. said...

a disco delicious night should definitely happen!

Mat said...

Please do! Perhaps a Northern excursion to Brisbane?

Anonymous said...

Come play Controversy @ Roxanne in Melbourne! All disco (nu and old), all night long!

Anonymous said...

Im flying in from Amsterdam to Sydney for new years, so maybe a disco delicious start to 2010...

Anonymous said...

YES! I would go on my own, since nobody i know likes it, yay!

James said...

Would defo fly up from Melbourne for this night. For the last 6 months Ive only been able to get patches of nu-disco, a whole night of it with no compromise would be incredible.

andy webb said...

i've been planning to pop down to melbourne and scrounge around for a couple of gigs for ages, i'll try to do it soon!

anyway stay tuned, i'll try to get this thing happening in november maybe, when uni is finished for everyone.

No-Ć«llk said...

i would be there. i would bring ten friends, and a pony.
yes please..

troy said...

you should have it in perth. then i would most definitely come. most definitely.

arthurkay said...

nice nice ! check out my blogspot u might like some songs disco delicious

Bennett said...

that eddie c song is hella tite. good find!

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