Tuesday 25 August 2009

Happy Days

It's getting a bit ridiculous just how dominant DFA are at the moment. The unexpectedly techy Happy House remixes EP, the hallowed 45:33 remixes, Shit Robot's new devastating single, etc. are all reminders of the label's silly level of superiority. Two of their latest releases, (at last) a new record from New Yorkers Still Going, and Aussie faves Canyons' first single since their recent signing, continue this trend of ultra high quality music. I really love this B side on Spaghetti Circus, which dons a classic James Murphy/DFA sounding bassline and an airy lounge vibe. Very relaxing. The Jacques Renault remix of Fire Eyes is the only thing that has disappointed me - it's certainly not very jungle-esque as it claims to be - but the original is a corker, sorta electro tribal. All Murphy need now is another lCD Soundsystem album and world domination would be well within his reach.

Still Going - Untitled Love (Instrumental) [buy]

Canyons - Fire Eyes [buy]

I think I'm going to declare the next 30 days to be Leo Zero Month on Disco Delish. This Clash reworking has heaps of slightly twisted crazy party energy. Way too addictive. Get into it!!

The Clash - Should I Say Or Should I Go? (Leo Zero Re-Work)

I love it when In Flagranti do a remix like this. Has next to NOTHING to do with the original Bag Raiders track, except for cut up and mixed up slithers of the vocal and a 15 second tease of the original synths popping in towards the end. As with their 'remix' of La Fumo Loco, I'd half expect that this was already an 80% finished original track which just had some insignificant elements changed to make easy work of the task. It's your typical IF groove, heavy on the percussion, and some sounds that remind me of old SebastiAn stuff sans overpowering distortion. Does anybody else get that vibe? Maybe I'm thinking of something else. Dunno about a 12" for this release, but it's been on iTunes for a little while now.

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (In Flagranti Remix) [buy]

Will cap this off with a true 70s classic by Azoto, who have had some things recently re-released as strange (and pricey) white label LPs. I think the first time I heard it would have been in Erol's initial Disco 3000 mix which still holds a monthly residency in my car CD player. The vocals in the main version are a bit over the top for me, there's more than enough to hear in the instrumental so we'll leave it at that.

Azoto - San Salvador (12" Instrumental Mix) [buy]

Getting very excited for Mike Simonetti this Friday at La Campana! Get tix now!!


Anonymous said...

DFA own right now. I think in the long run, when people look back at today's music, dfa will stand as a tall and proud label like strictly rhythm in its good days.

David Ballester said...

The Clash remake sounded pretty sloppy at the beginning of the song I thought. But it just got better and better.
I'd really like to see a 12" release on this. A really nice one.
Azoto is also a long time personal favourite of mine. The vocals is a bit cheesy, I know, but I think both versions works fine. Depends on the mood.

Great tracks!

Bobby Breidholt said...

I love this blog!

klaus said...

I also really love this blog. fo' realz. thanks a ton Andy.

Space-Kudu said...

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Really cool blog.
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JF said...

just a general comment, but always dig the selections, great job, greetings and salutations from dallas

Web D said...

just got the canyons & still going 12's today! loving them both.. DFA are on a roll...

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