Wednesday 19 August 2009

Recording Records

All 5 records that landed on my doorstep yesterday are total hits, so I'll share the lot. Seriously feels like Christmas every time an order arrives, an excitement that will never get old. Glory's 02 has, in the last couple of months, crept its way up to just about the very top of my favourite records of 2009 chart, so I've been really excited about Leo Zero's next move. Again, this is a really special one! Message Of Love, the A side, features a bold Freddie Mercury vocal and, SERIOUSLY, one of the catchiest basslines I've ever heard in my life. On first listen I literally could not stop singing along with it for the entire 8-odd minutes. Buy this record. Buy everything Leo has touched. Start a Leo Zero church in your neighbourhood, convert everyone on your street. This is excellent music.

Leo Zero - Message of Love (Leo Zero Re-Edit) [buy]

Been really keen to get my hands on this next Fitzcarraldo Variations release, it's so much fun. Cheeky, borderline silly rocky disco seems to be the general theme here. This song makes me picture a bunch of amateur theatre idiots dressed in full body nylon cat suits leaping about in a semi-retarded covert manner. Fantastic! History Clock is truly one of the most obscurely fun labels about.

The Fitzcarraldo Variations - Black Cat [buy]

At first I was a little unimpressed with this Chamboché record I've been reading about... But after a couple more listens I'm warming up to it. The original drags on a bit, but both remixes are quite nice. Going to go with the Pete Herbert mix as my tune of choice since I'm a bit of a sucker for his pleasant and accessible bright-but-not-blinding shimmering disco sound. If you're not looking for a challenge, go for this.

Chamboche - Ipso Facto (Pete Herbert Remix) [buy]

Feeling really lazy at the moment so will breeze through the rest of this. This 4 track Popular People's Front record (original by Rüf Dug + 3 remixes) is the one I was a little unsure about, and turns out it's probably my favourite of the bunch. All the tracks have a twisted kinda tribal feel, really percussive and primitive. The Unabombers remix is my fave, really works the big drum feel hard. A must buy!!

RüF Dug - Dirty (Unabombers Remix) [buy]

Moxie's tribute to MJ is a stunner. I was going to post the big party A side but this edit of Let Me Show You is incredibly beautiful. Probably my favourite memorial that's come out so far, this track is haunting yet soothing at the same time. Very nostalgic, very heartwarming.

High Five - Way To Go [buy]

Anybody in Sydney going to Mike Simonetti next saturday? You should be.


Discodeluxe said...

Tankxx so much !!!

Keep up to date on our adventures. said...

Shit that Message of Love is most excellent. Thanks.
Leo is on fire

Anonymous said...

amazing mixtape here:

House is my Soul. said...

Message of Love. <3 thanks for this song.

sofie said...

starting the european leo zero church, open for all converts!
it's unbelievable how good he is..

Liam said...

Finally! I've been trying to track that History Clock record down for ages... Thanks a lot mate. Have spread the word.

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