Friday, 23 October 2009


Mmmmmm I'm in the best mood. It's been nice and sunny, really looking forward to this weekend, and a bunch of incredible records just landed on my doorstep - will be posting some time later. So let's do some fun music! I'm pretty late on posting this but Sidwho has been copping some play by so many cool people lately. Such a great spacey funky jam. Hooootttttt rolling bass, hiiippppppp disco drums. Golly I love this song. Ahhh this weather is amazing, it's so fucking hot in my room I think I might melt!

Sidwho? - Vote Bowie For President [buy]

Finally got around to getting this Parallel Dance Ensemble record with a couple of delightful Yam Who reworkings. Sooo much fun! Silly vocals going on about some party nonsense, cheeky unoriginal synth bassline, lots of simple sequencers filling in the gaps - usually it's a pretty dangerous recipe but Yam Who pull it off with (hidden) style. Grins all round.

Parallel Dance Ensemble - Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Yam Who Rework) [buy]

Really enjoying what The Glimmers have done with 15 to 20 - kind of a bent indie vibe, a bit sleazy, a bit lazy disco. Maybe something you'd play at 10am when you're limp and exhausted on your mate's couch punching a cone and trying to justify staying up and 'partying' just that little bit longer. Or maybe it's more fun than that. I dunno, I like how they've sort of corrupted that innocence which makes the original so charming and endearing. See what you think. The Prins remix of You'll Disappear on the flip makes this a stunning little package.

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (The Glimmers Remix) [buy]

Tru Thoughts have released a tidy chilled out compilation for their 10th anniversary which includes this beauty. I've been a Quantic fan for ages so this is a real golden nugget for me. As lazy as you like, this is gorgeous music for a sunny sunday afternoon hang out at the villa with a straw hat and some Perrier to sip on. Extra special when the drums get taken up a notch in the last quarter. Prins Thomas is on fire at the moment! Or, always is, I guess.

Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas Edit) [buy]

Sydney folks, come to GOODGOD tonight for good tunes! I've got a ridiculous amount of amazing music to post in the next couple of weeks so heads up.


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That Yam Who Rework is great fun! lol

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