Tuesday 13 October 2009

Under Cover

I'd like to say it's been a slow music week but that's not at all true - some ridiculous(ly good) looking releases have popped up, I just haven't got around to listening to anything. Been a bit crook, been a bit lazy etc. and still feeling a bit drained. Anyway I'll just post a few things that I've been thinking about sharing for a while. Such as this magnificent Leo Zero production on The Popular People's Front's LOVE EP. Super funky and soulful with a few little Leo quirks. A total feel-good gospel party jam. I have no idea who actually represents The PPF in the live field, but catch him/her/them/it/who? this Saturday at La Campana in Sydney. More deets. WOOP.

The Popular People's Front - Church Love

Yaa, can't go wrong with another classic Levan remix. Bow bow biw bidow. Bidow-dow-dow dadow. Dabadab-daya dabadab-daya *clap clap*. Sing it now!

Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Mix)

This is more on the new side. I really love what old mate Prins Thomas has done with this Jacob Korn track which is originally, although playful, a bit aggressive. He's turned whatever darkness was lurking about into warm summer light with his trademark loose-and-legit drumming, some lovely cheerful guitars and jolly whistling synths. Not to say the original is at all bad - no, it's great! - but this really does an all out mood transformation. Nothing particularly exciting or bold happens at any stage in the 13 minute cruise, save for a classic Prins amateur (and cute) drum solo for the last few minutes, but it's just beautiful banana lounge music to soak up some rays to. Ultra pleasant!

Jacob Korn - I Like The Sun (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) [buy]

I've been meaning to post this for quite a while but can never decide what I want to say about it. Is it a fantastic nostalgic gem? Or perhaps it's been a bit overhyped and it's more bland than people are letting on. Anyway it's the first in the Tribute series of special edit records by some unnamed producers *cough Autodisco DJs*. After all this time I'm not sure I feel like having an opinion on it. My record is really warped so it's unlikely to get played anyway.

Happy Mondays - We Love Mondays [buy]

Bring more sun plz. And less wind. See you Saturday, friends!


Anonymous said...

The Popular People's front song cuts off abruptly at the 3:00 mark for me.

andy webb said...

try downloading it again.. my server is good for many things, but reliability isn't one of them. just checked, the file uploaded fine. sorry dude!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, works like a charm -- cheers, mate.

Anonymous said...

hey andy, love your stuff. and the jimmy ross track! also love the cover by codebreaker but it's hard to beat an original. check out my blog if you can fucked...

francischang said...

i love the we love mondays track! but likewise my copy is warped from shipping :(

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