Tuesday 6 October 2009

Return to Reality

Sorry about the absence, it's been a long crazy week. Will be in recovery mode for a while yet! Just going to whiz through this.

I'm quite mortified to discover our deathstrobe email has mysteriously died in the ass, sincere apologies to those who sent stuff that bounced back. Pretty please resend label submissions to into(at)deathstrobe.com and we'll do some listening. Sorry sorry sorry!

Just got this new Messengers Re-Edits record last week, it's dynamite! The A is a furnace-like funky jam, complete with dangerously obese bass and bitch slapping brass synths. And probably some long haired crazy dude who doesn't know the meaning of the word 'restraint' wildly banging his head and rocking out hard on those bongos. Totally solid music. The flip side is a beautiful edit of Pastime Paradise as sung by the silky smooth Ray Barretto in tasty salsa Latino style. Top record here.

Messengers - First Left [buy]

I seriosuly can't believe I've never heard of The Swiss before. I guess I get way too caught up in what's happening abroad that I fail to realise there's some amazing stuff happening right in my own back yard. The three 'Movement' tracks, now a few years old, beautifully demonstrate the band's musical versatility, maturity, and straight up songwriting talent. Apparently signed up with Modular's booking agency and produced by Donnie Sloan, the right people certainly seem to have confidence in them. Super keen to see these guys live. The digital EP is really cheap!

The Swiss - Movement I [buy]

YES YES YES the latest Phoreski's latest Bear Fist record has been unleashed and it's an absolute belter. The A side is an absolute monster. It takes off as a sinister steam train ride which suddenly bursts into a funky locomotive disco beast. Not much else to say - this is brilliant. Get it.

Phoreski - Untitled [buy]

Will be back with more this week once my head has settled. Erol totally blew it off my body on Sunday!


RD said...

phoreski should at least give some credit in the title to rose royce

Nate said...

messengers track is ridiculous... been enjoying the stuff here for a while... check http://deskjobblog.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance... keep it up

pan flash said...

not sure why you say phoreski should give credit to rose royce on this ep?
his edit ep's are all fully labled as rework's so it's not as if he claims to have made the tracks himself.

he does not even give the tracks names!

Victorious said...

Actually the track was originally released by the band Nytro in 1979, on the album "Return to Nytropolis" under the eponymous name.
The Rose Royce version was reedited 2 years later, in 1981. The main link between Nytro and RRoyce is Norman Whitfield, who produced both of them. Cosmic Funk and hypnotic disco.

I don't know who Phoreski is but he could smartly give credit to the originals.

Same as if you rework the funky drummer break pretending that it is an "unknown" rework…

By the way, excellent blog which I follow with pleasure, looking for rarest disco tracks ;-)

LEANA said...

The Swiss are absolutely amaaaaazing live! They were the opening act for Ladyhawke last night and absolutely killed it. The Movement songs are awesome but when you hear them live you'll be blown away...i promise =]

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