Wednesday 6 January 2010

It Begins Again...

What a weekend coming up! Friday night (the 8th) is excursion time, popping down to Melbourne to see Special Disco Version and The Juan Maclean at the Royal Melbourne Hotel. There are few things I've been more excited about. Seriously, if you're in the area this is beyond essential. Inspect the flyer and make an easy decision. Up and Down - the flip side of Feels So Good which I still think was a kind of unnecessary edit - was totally one of my favourite tracks of last year and I'm a bit annoyed that I didn't think of it when doing my top 10. The bottom line is that James and Pat (for those who don't know, Special Disco Version is pretty much LCD Mobile Disco) are stupidly talented and have obscenely good record collections. Presumptuous as it may be this early in the game, I'm calling this one as gig of the decade.

Special Disco Version - Up and Down (Beep!) [buy]

Then a quick return to Sydney on the 9th for another Picnic (psychedelic) warehouse party with guest especial Lovefingers. Yes he's partly responsible for Blackdisco along with Lee Douglas and Nitedog. Yes he's the man who runs the aptly named Yes he's been on Beats In Space something like FIVE TIMES now. Yes yes yes, he's the man. This most recent mix of his is spectacular, a fab psychedelic jamming vibe to thrash on repeat throughout the summer. Details here.

Lovefingers - Lovefingers Xmas 2009

THEN, depending on whether I'm hospitalised by this stage or not, it's Days Like This on Sunday the 10th. Amongst a ridiculous lineup are people like Theo Parrish, Brennan Green, Lovefingers & Lee Douglas, Quantic, The Swiss, Pepe Bradock, Pivot, and so on and so on. Fuck I'm excited for Theo. I'm crazy for his Ugly Edits records which are reminiscent of Harvey's Black Cock series, although a bit less 'out there' and definitely more suited for the d-floor. Perhaps I just make that association since they both edited The Dells.. Whatever, I like the really classic super-extended approach both take. This festival will be a monster, highly recommended for capping off the weekend in a huge way!

Never Gonna Let U Go (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)

And just because I like posting four tracks at once, here's an old Moxie edit of Street Man which has crept up on my listening charts in the past couple of weeks. Powerful danceable disco. A really awesome record this!

Moxie - Run Disco Run

Commence dangerous intoxication. Happy new year people! 2010 is going to be super duper exciting :)


James said...

Ahh, I'll be at Sorry Grandma seeing Knightlife play on the same night. Pop over when you're done!

manowool said...

Great selection as ever. Have u seen this? Should get you in the mood for the Juan Maclean.

Unknown said...

i'm going UP to Sydney this weekend for Days Like This, Lovefingers and Al Green.

What I don't get is why isn't there a Sydney sideshow for Theo Parrish!?!

1h15mins at a festival is not enough!

Almanac said...

See you @ Special Disco Version, in total agreeance about it potentially being gig of the decade... What a way to kick of 2010!

nvo said...

any chance getting a tracklist to the lovefingers xmas mix? it's a great one!

nvo said...

any chance getting a tracklist to the lovefingers xmas mix? it's a great one!

andy webb said...

i haven't seen one anywhere, if i can come up with one i'll post it here. i'd love one too!

cloud scraper said...

Hey, I'm the dude that you bumped into at specialdiscoversion the other night. Your site's all sorts of rad, loving the lovefingers xmas mix. Anyway here's that boredoms/lindstrom mix I was telling you about:


Anonymous said...

hope you got to see theo's set. it's really one of a kind. people come to expect that DJs make you dance, Theo does something else. Ineffable really.

in any case, great posts. you're work is defo appreciated!


Almanac said...

The Special Disco Version gig was diabolical. I actually feel embarassed on behalf of Melbourne that musicians and dj's of that calibre were forced to play in that venue on that horrific soundsystem. Future Entertainment have a LOT to answer for for the way that show was organised. I hang my head in shame. :(
That said, some really great records were played but I just couldn't get past how bad the sound was.

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