Monday 1 February 2010

Blow By Blow

Sorry folkies, been a bit sick this past week and severely lacking motivation. Going to blast through this so at least everyone gets some music. This Phil Collins edit/remix/bootleg by Osunlade from 2007 is just perfect. He adds a gentle tribal feel with some lovely earthy drums and percussive synths whilst really drawing out the vocals with lofty pads and distant guitar. Fantastic instrumental section just past half way! Sorry for the crappy rip, my copy always skips so this is the best I could find.

Osunlade - In The Air Tonight (Yoruba Soul Vox)

This 12" by Stromba, 'Giddy Up', is just nice and simple and cool and hip and stuff. To my ear it's got a little bit of a DFA vibe going on with the disco rock drums and the pushy presence of the bass. Not much to say about this, just a very solid record.

Stromba - Giddy Down

I've been listening to this Golden Tiger Tales compilation a lot in the past week, put together by Paradise Lost crew member Mikey Miutante. It's full of local tunes, generally a bit more in the downtempo department, showcasing a wide variety of lush and alluring sounds coming out of the cracks of Sydney. They've printed 99 lovely looking CDs which will be snapped up quick so if you dig this stuff I recommend hitting up their Bandcamp page. Very interesting release.

Out in the Sticks - Dog Got My Wah Wah [buy]

I have to announce my piss-pants excitement about Harvey travelling to Australia in May - and not only that, Garth is coming with him AND they'll be playing a Picnic show in Sydney. Life can't get much better than this, what a boner sensation! Here are some Harvey essentials for anyone unlucky enough to not be a Harvey fanatic, including his ultimately legendary and absolutely crucial Essential Mix; one from the Black Cock archives; a dope Avalanches extension; and one of my all time favourite edits which I'm reposting just because it's so totally wonderful: Joyous. Can you tell I'm fucking stoked?

DJ Harvey - Shine On

The Avalanches - Electricity (Harvey's Nightclub Re-Edit)

Pleasure - Joyous (DJ Harvey Re-Edit)

DJ Harvey - Essential Mix, 31 May 1998

Picnic are also hosting Pete Herbert in the usual St Peters warehouse this Sunday afternoon. Get on it.


andy webb said...

here's the tracklisting for the essential mix yo

D Train - "Keep On" (Prelude)
Billy Cobham - "Storm" (Atlantic)
Vengellis - "Let It Happen" (Virtigo)
Last Poets - "Mean Machine" (Douglas 7)
Instant Funk - "Got My Mind Made Up" (Salsoul)
Herb Alpert - "Red Hot" (A & M)
Cookhouse - "Recipe 002" (Cookhouse)
Wamdue Project - "King Of My Castle" (Eruption)
Pleasure - "Joyus" (Pleasure)
Those Norwgians - "Can You Dig It" (white label)
Vampire Sound Inc - "Lions & The Cucumber" (Warners)
Azymuth - "Dear Limertz" (Milestone)
Don Blackman - "Hearts Desire" (Arista)
artist unknown - "Love & Happiness" (white label)
Chayanne - "Waited To Long" (Syncopate)
Beat Box - "Art Of Noise" (ZTT)
Harvey & UFO - "Pioaresque Eye" (Browns Wood)
Brooklyn Dreams - "Street Man" (Millenium)
Stevie Wonder - "Lovelight In Light" (Motown)
Micheal Wilson - "Groove Your Body" (Prelude)
TOT - "George Porgy" (Columbia)
Eddie Russ - "Zabis" (Impact)
Steely Dan - "Do It Again" (MCA)
Trolly Dollies - "Space Cake" (Sunday Best)
Santana - "Free As The Morning Sun" (CBS)

tramonte said...

Everything posted in this entry is solid!!
That Golden Tiger Tales compilation is great stuff, good to see quality local productions!

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing the music. ive been looking for joyous for so long! Be Delicious beats feel so good in my ear!

Anonymous said...

Is Harvey coming to Brisbane??

Unknown said...

brilliant. I am also deeply looking forward to harvey's tour.

Oh and thanks for the avalanches edit. I've always wanted an extended version of that track. Who'd of guessed Harvey would deliver on it!

Unknown said...

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