Tuesday 16 February 2010

This Girl Is Really Cute, Hey?

This new twelve from The Heels Of Love is a real corker. Coming straight off the back of their great release on Under The Shade, this bad boy comes equipped with remixes from Fabrizio Mammarella and Ajello which are both ace. It's really dancey dance, lots of well matched synths, carefully layered percussion, and it's very thoughtfully structured. A very fine record indeed!

The Heels Of Love - Quiet Please [buy]

I can find very little info about Eddie Tour which is annoying because I really dig his Bustin' Out EP released on his own label East End. This edit in particular is super groovy - it reminds me of a tranquillised version of Deputy of Love, having been dropped in tempo and urgency, allowing some sparse guitars and keys to come out and play. The original by The Destroyers is great too, of course. Very solid stuff!

Eddie Tour - Lectric Love [buy]

I've been listening to a whole bunch of young Brisbane talent Charlie Why's tunes for months now and I can offer no good reason for why I haven't shared some of them. I Am Deliciously Wired is huge. Colossal. Gargantuan. Twisted and dark and thoroughly groovy. Charlie's drum programming is truly expert; the deep tribal infusion appeals on a very instinctive, involuntary level. He'll be huge and it will be well deserved. Note: Turns out this is being released on Bang Gang 12s soon - nice one Charlie!

Charlie Why - I Am Deliciously Wired

A friend sent me this Nicolas Jaar tune a few weeks ago and I just love it. There's something extremely intoxicating about the droopy, drowsy vocals which creates an instant addiction. I, for one, am hooked.

Nicolas Jaar - A Time For Us [buy]

Haha did you know 'unpremeditated' is a word? English is so strange/shit. Hey remember if you're an unsigned bohemian cat looking for a record label to take control of your life and crush your creative spirit, we're still taking submissions - hit up info(at)deathstrobe.com


D. & R. Doom said...

Ugh, Nico Jaar is a fucking twat. The fact that you posted him makes me not want to read your blog anymore. There's zero creativity in it -- "Just make completely forgettable music and act like I'm hot shit around other students," that's his motto.

*.* said...

man, this nicolas jaar song is very special!
awesome, though not everyone seems to agree...

Terry said...

Seems like Eddie Tour is somehow connected with Thick As Thieves, since the "Lectric Love" edit has been already released under that moniker several years ago by Rong: http://www.discogs.com/Thick-As-Thieves-Thick-As-Thieves/release/611808

I really love this track, used it as opener for one of my mixtapes: http://soundcloud.com/la-conca/tough-terry-visiting-the-wizards-world-minimix

andy webb said...

wow ok, i don't know the first thing about nicolas jaar - like i said a friend sent me that song and i've not heard of him or any of his other stuff before that. am i to be excommunicated if i still like the track?

terry, just had a listen to the thick as thieves lectric love edit, it's a bit different. a little slower and a few more things kept in from the original. i think i might like it a little better! thanks for the heads up, that release looks great, i hadn't seen it before.

Anonymous said...

wow let's judge a musician based off his personality, rather than his music? i sense jealousy!

future classic said...

that nicolas jaar tune is the business

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