Friday, 26 February 2010

So Hurty

Got a rough hangover so let's keep this brief. Firstly, we're doing a Death Strobe party at Bondi Social this Sunday which will be heeeepzz of fun. Free drinks and stuff - you can't say no. Please do come along and say g'day! Check out the flyer.

This Black Cow 7" was a tricky one to track down but I'm super stoked I finally got my hands on it. Simply incredible funky vintage jam with an awesome acid line and floaty party vox. Hum Records still have one copy in stock, aside from that I haven't found any other stores that haven't sold out.. Discogs time! This is so essential.

Black Cow - PMMF [buy]

Joystick Jay sent this fantastic edit of a Fela Kuti track which, it seems, he's done quite a bit of work on. It's soulful African tribal deeply grooving goodness, really stunning stuff. Loving it Jay!

Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jay's Vulgar Distractions Edit)

I only just found out about Prins Thomas's 2005 edits album Major Swellings last week thanks to the Slow Blow guys. Lucky break. Coincidently(?) this is an edit of Slow Blow by Hot R.S. and it's super rad slow burning disco funk. If you've missed this album too go sort it out ASAP!

Major Swellings - Swingende Bjeller [buy]

Back to bed zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Erik said...

Hey dude! I would appreciate some "lounge retro/disco" tracks. :D

Sottel80 said...

Last night was the 1st time i visited this blog.
I just want to say that it`s the best funk blog i`ve seen so far
and thank you for sharing these tracks.
Keep walking.

Athens, Greece 2010 said...

Black Cow track is great old sound. Keep the tunes coming.

Anonymous said...

Love the Fela Kuti edit!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that Major Swellings album myself within the last month. I feel like I've done a great disservice to my love of disco/funk by discovering it so late!

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